My All-black Adi Zero Light Boston Running Shoes

Here’s a little trick to get your dark running shoes black, or your black running shoes blacker, if you like the look of black shoes on your feet without all that razz-ma-tazz also on them. Keeps them from getting much dirtier in appearance, at least!

The adizero Boston is my favourite running shoes to date. I’ve had three pairs now and I’ve enjoyed every mile of the thousand miles I get on each before I retire them. Of course, after a thousand miles, they get just a little dirty, to say the least, so I went looking for darker ones. To my surprise, I found a black pair in California, just on the other side of the Nevada border on the way to Lake Tahoe a year and a half ago, and was ecstatic! I love the look of black shoes on black socks while running!

Only problem was I just had a few pairs ahead to be used first. At a thousand miles apiece before retirement, you can imagine it takes me a little while to go through them. But the time has finally come and I got them out. They looked great, but I wanted them blacker, still, so I got out a big black Sharpie Magnum permanent marker and just coloured them!

The colouring isn’t hard, of course. You just have to be persistent in some weird curves. Where you can’t get into, people aren’t likely going to see the way they normally get to see your shoes, while they’re on your feet or resting on the floor. You will have to pay attention to the seams on your shoes, go over most spots several times that’s part of your natural colouring stroke, go over the reflectors several times extra to hide them well. Don’t bother with the soles, though, as they will get rubbed off quickly with one run. However, you can get the shoes pretty back, and the markers don’t dissolve in water.

It’s a $4 solution with about 20 minutes of time added. It’s really $2 as each marker can handle at least two pairs, or two pairs and likely some re-coverage as you scrape off some parts in your running, if you care to do it. The marker smell is barely there for a few minutes before it’s gone, and will definitely be gone with your first run. It doesn’t harden or do anything to alter the feel of your shoes, and don’t add any weight on, either. Or at least it won’t after a run or two when you wear off the miniscule weight some of that marker dye might actually weight, from the bottom of your shoes. 🙂

The adizeroes are lightweight trainers. When they first came out, I don’t think there were versions for other sports like there is now. I recall them being called adizero lites. That’s the name that has stuck with me, Boston or not. That’s just marketing to show up in Google searches for Boston (as in the Boston marathon), and to identify the shoes as marathon capable even though I don’t recommend it unless you’re really light on your feet running like I am. I’m also very light at 108 lbs. But after the adizero lites name, because these are all black, reflecting back very little light, they’re like zero light shoes. As a result, I call them my all-black adi zero light shoes! 🙂

Here’s how mine turned out.

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