Over 180 Twilight Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos (High Quality)

These came from the Twilight wallpapers and printable posters graphics I have on this site. I have cropped them and prepared them to be ideal for Facebook Timeline Profile Cover photos, not just in dimensions but also colours and image cropping to get the best of each picture.

Please click here for more Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos of differing themes on this site.

These cover photos are 1700 x 630 pixels, or twice as long and wide as the popular consensus opinion as to what they should be. They’re not excessively large, though. I’ve done the testing to know they make a difference and are better than PNG graphics at the smaller size.

To get the photos, please:

  • Click on the one you want (you are now viewing it in slideshow mode to quickly see others as well).
  • Click the Permalink icon with the slideshow image to get it at full size.
  • Right click on the image to save it (on PCs, not sure for Mac).
  • Then load it up to your Facebook profile.

The pictures are generally in the alphabetical order of character names. However, many photos have more than one character in them so it’s not easy to put them all in any sort of order. There were also some poster sources. I would say scan all of them and pick the ones you want. You can only have one at a time as your Facebook Cover Photo, yes, but you can always come back for more once in a while!

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