NSCAD Intermediate Fashion Show 2011 Photo Gallery

I had the chance to attend and be part of the photography team for the NSCAD Intermediate Fashion Show 2011, Ninety Nine Days In on the evening of December 14, 2011. The photos I took appear below, posted with permission. Just click on the thumbnail to get a larger view. Click on the Permalink icon in the slide show to get it full sized.

My favourite, for sure, are the set of 4 dresses at the end by Jennie Bijou’s Effervescence collection. Well made, beautifully designed, themed, natural as its inspiration, Bravo!

Feel free to post opinions! Please click here to see more of my photography.

3 thoughts on “NSCAD Intermediate Fashion Show 2011 Photo Gallery

    • It was my pleasure, Jennie. Your collection was absolutely stunning! I hope to meet you one day and hear more about it. I wasn’t the official photographer so I couldn’t get more proper shots in the studio, but the students there will have even better photos for early 2012, I hear. Good luck with your studies and all the best for your future! I hope it will be as brilliant as your collection. 🙂

  1. The fashion show was wonderful. It would be a pleasure to wear any of the outfits made by the NSCAD Intermediate designers. Thanks for the invite, Pam. Also, to the photographer for the photos.

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