How do You Feel about the Winnipeg Jets’ New Logo and the CF-18 in it? Vote!

So the Winnipeg Jets have decided to keep the name, as the fans had wished that was clear on polls from my site but also from others. The poll on my site was far more resounding (76%) than the poll done in the Winnipeg Sun (58%), and snubbed the mayor’s comment about how the new team wouldn’t be called the Jets (same story as previous). Not good for political media, eh?

Now the Jets have a new logo with a CF-18 jet (for which I have wallpapers), which was slightly different than a version with an Avro Arrow jet told by a source close to the organization before everything was leaked.

More with the Avro Arrow logo comp in a minute, but before that, would you mind casting a vote in the survey below?

CF-18 versus Avro Arrow

The CF-105 Avro Arrow comp leaked during the design consideration process is an interesting discussion.

The Avro Arrow is definitely a Canadian symbol. Its capabilities and history is a little debatable on what might have been, with some rather glowing praise that wasn’t always concurred. However, what was history was a jet that didn’t ultimately didn’t have much military impact. Would people have wanted to resurrect this story and symbolize a club aspiring to a bright future?

On the other hand, the CF-18 Hornet is an American designed jet which is in its twilight for the new F-35 Raptor stealth fighters being considered for purchase by the government of the day (even criticized by US to be a big mistake). That’s not exactly a symbol of a future to aspire to, either. However, the combined US-Canada history of the CF-18 is appropriate for a franchise that has seen its days in Canada and the US. A Canadian plane used by the US, the way the Canadarm was used by the US on the space shuttle, would have been more appropriate, but there aren’t many of those around… and none of flash and dash, so the CF-18 has to do. And if there is a tribute paid to the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), then a plane used rather than a plane that may never be there, should be used.

Still, the usage of a more Canadian symbol like the Avro Arrow is certainly appealing.

One thought on “How do You Feel about the Winnipeg Jets’ New Logo and the CF-18 in it? Vote!

  1. You should see the logos that were submitted by John Merucci with Mercury Graffix! If you guys were to see these, well let’s just say these blow all others away. Not to take away from anybody’s hard work and ideas, but they are very very cool. Contact him and have a look! You’ll be hooked.


    Belmont Signs & Designs
    WPG. MB.

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