Do the Vancouver Canucks Deserve to Win the Stanley Cup?

I’m a Canadian and I want a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup since we’re overdue. However, the way the Canucks are playing, I’m almost feeling they don’t deserve it. Not the way Canadians play hockey!

Seriously, after six games and the series tied at three games apiece, Vancouver has led for less than 33 minutes.

Vancouver has been outscored more than 2 to 1! As the league’s top offensive team with 262 goals during the regular season, the Canucks have all of 8 goals scored to show for it. Boston, meanwhile, has scored 19 goals against the league’s top defensive team that only allowed 185 goals all season.

Vancouver has also “out dived” Boston. Vancouver has faked falls, and in Game 6, they faked scoring a goal. Despite a loud “ping” off the post, and no goal light going off, Jannik Hansen acted like the Canucks just scored and stopped the game.

Vancouver has also “out suspended” the Bruins with the nasty hit on Nathan Horton. Boston had one bad hit in Game 6, but it looked like a bad break from an awkward hit more than anything blatant. Canadians hit hard playing hockey, but we generally keep it clean.

Now, sure, the Canucks have two shut outs and an overtime win. However, getting by on the narrowest of margins on your home ice, which could easily be attributed to luck, while getting whipped on the road that you can’t do on luck, is no way to play like a champion.

I started out cheering for the Canucks for the sake of Canadian hockey, but I’m also a fan of Canadian hockey the way we play it. The way the Canucks have handled themselves to play whatever style of hockey you want to call it, I’m ashamed to have a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup this way. I mean, just think if your team got beat in the Stanley Cup finals by a team that might have led for 1 game total and got outscored 2 to 1 or worse. Would you admit they were the better team and deserved to win?

From seeing how the Canucks have played in this series, I’m now content to let Fate decide the winner. I’m just going to be indifferent to it all in watching the supposedly “epic” Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. This edition of the Canucks has lost this fan, I’m afraid.

If the Canucks win this series, it ain’t going to be Canadian style, and we should probably add an asterisk to that. I mean, do¬† you think those hardcore Canucks over the years like Tiger Williams, Harold Snepts, Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden and the likes would be proud if they won playing like this?

Do you think Johnny Canuck in the video below was thinking of beating the Bruins that way? If he were, he’d be like diving to play dead, then kicking the bear in the balls every now and then while getting beaten up badly in the fight.

C’mon, man!

One thought on “Do the Vancouver Canucks Deserve to Win the Stanley Cup?

  1. This is a ridiculous article, the Rome hit would’ve been clean if it weren’t late. The Canucks offence gave everything they had in that series. It was two evenly matched teams and goaltending gaffes on Vancouver’s end was THE deciding factor. Look at the shot totals in that series. Look at all the saves. But I guess you’re a bandwagon fan that doesn’t pay attention to any other statistic but goals, and have no understanding of the contact aspect of the sport

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