Jul 23 update:
Please click here for wallpapers with the NEW Winnipeg Jets logos!

The new hockey franchise in Winnipeg probably won’t be called the Jets, despite all the nostalgic fans wanting it so.

Even if they do get called the Jets, they’ll have a new logo, despite all the nostalgic fans probably wanting the old uniforms to be worn.

However, I’m thinking some people will want some old Jets logo wallpapers cause when they left in 1996, wallpapers weren’t all that big a deal in the computer world, the Internet was just a baby… and not many people had widescreen and large monitors the size they are today.

So here you go, Jets fans. Enjoy! I got the graphics from various sources on the Internet and touched them up in various ways, from just adjusting contrast to combining graphics into new wallpapers.

Please click here for other wallpapers on this website, including those with the Vancouver Canucks logo.

I’ll finish the set later this week and remove this last sentence when done.