The Vancouver Canucks’ 2011 Stanley Cup Winning Omen

Do you believe in signs? Signs in omens?

I certainly do, and I saw one today that has me convinced the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Look at the logos of the two teams the way they will be shown during the finals, with the home advantage team customarily on the right. What do you see?

I don’t know about you, but I see BC. That’d be British Columbia for readers who don’t know the abbreviation for one of Canada’s great provinces.

And which team is from BC?

Just saying, ya know?

Do you believe? 🙂

Please click here for my Vancouver Canucks logo

As for how many games? Well, June is in the air by the time the series will be starting so I’ll take 6.

You got a better prediction?

5 thoughts on “The Vancouver Canucks’ 2011 Stanley Cup Winning Omen

  1. Great post here. As a Canuck fan I am absolutely stoked for this series. I was 3 years old in ’94 so obviously I don’t remember that series and I have pretty much been waiting my whole life for this. Typical Canadian eh? Anyways, obviously it’s been a long time since Boston has won a Stanley Cup as well so someone is going to have the monkey lifted off the back. It’s just for the Canucks and the city it’s a lot more important. Everyone has the Canucks as favourites but if Tim Thomas gets hot it could be scary for the Canucks. A hot goalie can mean the world in the NHL playoffs but a hot goalie at the caliber as Tim Thomas is something else. It’s going to be a physical, intense, exciting and must-see hockey. I hope that American viewers tune in to see it because it should be special

    • Thanks for sharing those thoughts and memories, Chris. I do remember that series, and the one in 1982, both a little unfortunately as the Canucks lost. I was and still am an Oilers fan, but always go for a Canadian team over an American team, even if it would have been the Flames.

      I am writing just after Game 1, where the Canucks won with a goal less than a minute to go for a shut out that Luongo needs for his confidence and quieting the critics. Thomas played well like you predicted, too.

      The team that won Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals has won 78% of the Finals. The home team that won Game 1 has won 86% of the Finals. It’s off to a great start! Let’s hope the rest of the ride is just as fun!

      • I say Canucks take it in 5 or 6… I remember the 94′ playoff run very well and BELIEVE we are going to prevail this time around for sure! GO CANUCKS, WE WANT THE CUP!… and need it BAD! lol…

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