X-men First Class Character Trailers (Beast, Mystique, Havok, Banshee)

Recently, a slew of brilliant one minute X-men First Class movie trailers came out, each focusing on a character in the movie. This was brilliant because while the X-men have their story, each character, of course, has his/her own story, struggling for acceptance, identity and place in a society that generally rejects them. You will struggle to find a good movie with so many individual story lines and strong characters. Even the minor characters have a whole history behind them that is intriguing because they have those elements of epic struggles for acceptance, identity and place to their character!

These short character trailers were so effective because add an additional dimension of intrigue and interest to the movie and makes it personal to the fan, creating a connection with each character. Originally, they were an MTV exclusive, but that lasted for about a day before someone captured it in high definition to put it on YouTube. Below is the collection thus far, along with a final longer X-men First Class trailer out a week before this post.

Get this music (Half the Man by Kopius Few and Methodic Doubt).

Banshee, or Sean Cassidy, possesses a “sonic scream” capable of harming enemies’ auditory systems and causing physical vibrations. However, it is the latter which he uses with incredible intelligence and power to do incredible damage and help himself fly on the sonic waves he generates.

Havok, or Alexander “Alex” Summers, is Cyclops’ brother (Scott Summers). Like Cyclops, he has plasma energy and problems with controlling it. The mutant variation in Havok gives him a bit better control over that energy than Cyclops, able to whip it up rather than having it exit through his eyes any time his eyes are open in the case of Cyclops.

Beast, or Dr Henry Phillip “Hank” McCoy, represents the best of our human evolution from ape to human. He possesses ape-like superhuman physical strength and agility, with oversized hands and feet. However, he is also a brilliant man of the arts and sciences, a world authority on biochemistry and genetics, and a political activist, all bound in a witty sense of humour.

Finally, we have Mystique, or Raven Darkholme, who is a shape shifter whose natural appearance includes blue skin and yellow eyes. She is the Mother of Nightcrawler, and adoptive Mother of Rogue, who have both appeared in previous X-men movies. Interestingly, both Nightcrawler and Rogue had appeared in previous X-men movies with the “good guys”, whereas Mystique is generally thought of as a supervillain, as she was portrayed being the number one accomplice to Magneto (who stars in X-men First Class). Interestingly, as should be, from these profiles and what I’ve seen of Mystique in the X-men First Class trailers, she’s the last one I thought to have a mean streak. But that’s what makes these characters so fascinating!

And speaking of X-men First Class trailers, below is the new extended trailer. I am so X-cited about this movie I’m going to mutate into something by then. In the meanwhile, I’m upping my daily dose of Agent Orange, to which I was probably exposed to as a child in Viet Nam. 😉

Check out the old X-men movies wallpapers on my site.

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