Haiku Facebook Status Idea and Challenge

I have a friend living in Japan who has only updated her Facebook status this year with that most famous of engaging Japanese poetry forms, the haiku. From her first haiku update this year, Sarah Jane Blenkhorn, originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, declared that she intended to keep this up all through 2011.

What a really neat idea! It’s something I can see being on CNN or other sites which posts neat Internet undertakings, especially after a decent body of work might have been done. I would say about 200 haiku status updates should be enough, or about half way through the year, to get the world watching the rest of the year.

I’m sharing this idea because aside from it being neat, I think it’d be a great challenge for those of you out there looking for interesting ways to liven your Facebook status updates. You don’t have to use haikus, although they are easily engaging, or do it for a year. Maybe just do some poetry for a certain time, like National Poetry Month in April. I’m considering that as I am writing. I have a lot of visitors who come to this site for the Facebook tagging memes I’ve created, as well as Facebook safety and advice. I hope some of you will take up this challenge. I think it should be a national movement in Japan!

In practicing good Facebook behaviour, Sarah Jane’s status updates are not publicly available. I have encouraged Sarah Jane to hook up her Facebook status updates to a micro-blog, much the way one can hook up Twitter feeds to WordPress micro-blogs, so the world can share in her entertaining and thoughtful Facebook status updates. Nothing has become of it so far, but she did give me permission to share what she has written so far.

My status updates
In two thousand eleven
haiku all the way…

January dawn
Puzzling dreams shatter and fade
Can’t get out of bed…

Empty halls at school
They tell me to ‘gambatte’
Where’s the kerosene?

Snowy narrow path.
Why are you pushing a bike?
You ride it. I won’t.

I’m feeling snackish
I won’t eat potato chips
The battle goes on…

I made a mistake
Haikus need seasonal words
potato chips – snow.

Drip drip drip drip drip
Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
Matsue winter

Is there a way to
Download YouTube videos?
I sure hope there is!

Three New Year parties
fish, beer, meat, drums, sake, songs
Want a quiet day…

Gently falling snow
Did violence to the trees
Weight on weight on weight

Feeling winter blahs
No exercise in five months
Aikido tonight?

Lesson planning woes
I’ve never been organized –
Practice makes perfect?

Yesterday morning
No kerosene in the stove
Shivering students

My dinner last night
Chicken, spinach stir-fry, rice
Left overs tonight

morning – narrow busy street
High snowy castle

Remember the sun?
That bright shining ball of light?
I thought I saw it…

I think that collection, if extended over 300, could be worthy of a newsworthy CNN novelty story! Certainly, the Facebook blog and some other tech sites like TechCrunch should definitely give her a shout!

No offense to any of my Facebook friends, but Sarah Jane’s updates are the ones I look forward to the most these days. I hope she takes up my micro-blogging idea before her collection grows big enough to be a chore to compile and transfer over in the catching up that would need to be done the longer she waits to do so.

In asking Sarah Jane for permission to share her haiku Facebook status updates, I wrote her one, or rather two variations of one.

Sarah Jane Blenkhorn
Always updates her Facebook
Status with haikus.

Sarah Jane Blenkhorn
Updates her Facebook status
Only with haikus.

I can’t wait to see more!

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