Hello Kitty and Sanrio Printable Picture Postcards (6″ x 4″)

The graphics below are customized to be high resolution 6″ x 4″ photo size so you can just take them to a photo machine and print them for about 20 cents apiece or less!

These are NOT official merchandise and NOT meant to be for sale.

They are just meant so you could have a little memorabilia here or there to take with you if you’re a Hello Kitty / Sanrio fan. They’re nothing more than fan art as I made these from my widescreen Hello Kitty / Sanrio wallpapers, which I made from images I found online.

You could also use these to put on any small to medium photo gifts, whether mugs or small prints on a T-shirt (though much better than 6″ x 4″). These graphics are 1800 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. Ask your photo gift printer if that’s enough for any ideas you might have.

These images have a lot of vibrant colour to them, for the most part, so they should stand out quite nicely as decorations. Enjoy!

Other Hello Kitty / Sanrio posts on this site:

Please click here for more printable creations on this website!

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