Chicago Blackhawks Win Most Undramatic Stanley Cup

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks who has won the Stanley Cup in 2010.

Despite winning in overtime, the Blackhawks won the most undramatic Stanley Cup ever. Winning on the road in Philadelphia, the crowd was not with them. However, nobody could really find the puck when it went in. The red goal light didn’t go on. No horn went off.

In a late reaction, Patrick Kane, who scored the goal, seemed to have been the only one who realized it. His teammates almost seemed to joined him only because they wanted to believe him that he scored the winning goal.

Even the referee had to go to the box for something or rather, almost as if to see if a video replay were warranted, after the fact as the Blackhawks were celebrating. It took a replay to confirm it did go in because even the commentators seemed uncertain for a little while.

Wow. How uneventful could an overtime Stanley Cup winning goal be!

I didn’t even flinch.

Did you if you were watching it?

Great to see an Original Six team win it again, and at least one championship drought ended, too.

Oh, congrats also to Marian Hossa. After 2 consecutive years of having been on teams with 3-2 leads in the Stanley Cup final, only to lose, he finally wins one. I don’t think he thought the Blackhawks would be winning quite as much as he did when he sold out to join the Penguins, then to join the Red Wings who had beaten the Penguins only to get beaten in the rematch last spring. You can’t be unlucky forever, Marian, as much of a loser as you are.

Jonathan Toews won the Conn Smythe trophy and deservedly so.

Now, are the Natives and Native rights activists going to protest the politically incorrect name and logo of the Blackhawks?

I say get on the Washington Redskins first. Actually, the Cleveland Indians would be the better first choice with the dorky smiling Indian logo. At least the Blackhawks and Redskins have tough looking logos that at least had the intent to imply respect, whether some interpret it to be so or not.

Any other suggestions for politically incorrect team names that should get changed?

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.3


2 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks Win Most Undramatic Stanley Cup

  1. What is PI about the Chicago Blackhawks? I have not seen this Native American link exploited, in the 30 whatever years I have been aware of hockey. The profile on the jersey is not a caricature(Cleveland Indians), the name is not degrading(Redskins), there have been no “dancing injuns” (Chief Illini) or other mockery since I have been watching this team. It’s about the best logo in pro sports.

    • Some people I’ve seen thinks if it isn’t Native, it shouldn’t have logos, music or anything to do with the Natives, like hockey for football. I don’t go anywhere near that far but I do think the Blackhawks have, by far, the best and most respective Native logo in sports. The rink near where I grew up, and not that far from me now still, had a team called the Blackhawks so it’s been around me all my life, so to speak. It’s a wonder they’re not my favourite team from that early association when I had no associations to set me down a path. I enjoyed watching the Edmonton Oilers of the 80s, for the record, so I became their fan on that basis.

      As as far as jerseys go, the Blackhawks had the best Original Six uniforms by a mile. They had fancy colour schemes and intricate shoulder insignias long before all these other teams did. Their uniforms hasn’t changed much over the years because it was that far ahead of its time.

      I was only making a point on the perceived PI of the Blackhawks by some, wondering if they’d use the high profile opportunity to bring up an age old issue. I haven’t heard of anything so far, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been on the lookout for it, either.

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