The Baltimore Ravens have an interesting set of logos, in my opinion. Lots of choices that are different, from bird profile, to shield to “psycho bird” (head on look). I wish they’d try to put the “psycho bird” on their helmets somehow, though. Head on would probably look awkward since the eyes would be too high, but even on the side, it’d be a lot more intimidating than that measly sideways profile. I mean, don’t the Ravens pride themselves on being intimidating?

Anyhow, below are some Baltimore Ravens iPad wallpapers . I just love the “psycho bird” ones. I only make wallpapers with team logos because players change too often these days.

There are many types of iPad wallpapers here.

  • Unique one-offs with full backgrounds.
  • Plain logo on a plain team colour background.
  • Embossed logo for those who like a little eye candy, labeled with “emboss”.
  • Small logo are for those who like a lot of plain space for their “padtop” icons.
  • Small embossed logo that look like a button, labeled with “button”.
  • Textured backgrounds like canvas, burlap, sandstone and steel, which you have to see full size to appreciate the difference as the thumbnails don’t do them justice.

I try to design these wallpapers for a variety of tastes and usages. I hope you’ll be able to find one you like.

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