WordPress’ Blog of the Day Should Get a Logo

Each day, there is a listing of the 100 most read blog posts of the day on WordPress via Blog of the Day. I can only take a guess that this is based on the post being new to the day and has among the highest traffic for the day, though I’m not sure how “day” is defined given it’s a 24/7 thing with blogging never going off.

Regardless, it’s a pretty nice honour. I’ve been fortunate enough to have received it a few times on this blog. However, the pingback you get doesn’t have a logo to it… at least not the last time I saw one which was in February during the Olympics.

So I’m proposing they’d get an avatar that can serve as a bit of badge of honour, cause it is a big honour. I’m hesitant to post even a few bad ideas like the ones below because I didn’t put a lot of time or thinking into it, but since I had thrown the ideas together over supper, what the heck.

I hope their designers can do better, and that they’d just get an avatar to stand out as they should… if they haven’t done so because I might be mistaken.

p.s. Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 8.1





4 thoughts on “WordPress’ Blog of the Day Should Get a Logo

  1. On the botd home page it says “blogs are ranked here according to a special formula”. But they have given no clue about that formula. At least it would have been cool to know some of the criteria.

    Your logo proposal is actually cool, I like the first one from the left 😉


    • Hi, thank you for the comment and comps. I am not doing anything special. I just tag well, and make sure I use the tags in the body so it doesn’t seem like gratuitous tags for the sake of trying to get traffic. I think the search engines pick that up. the rest is having some popular topics (Transformers, Twilight, NFL, Facebook tagging, etc.) and presenting quality products. I mean, how many people do you reckon are fans of some of those topics? Then, if there is something either unique or with nice features (i.e. the galleries of WordPress to load quickly for thumbnails and in alphabetical order to find things for the viewer), people will spread the word. And once people get there, they also look around and might find something else, which adds more traffic. Those would be my “secrets”. I do have the occasional article where the writing is what made all the difference for traffic, or just timeliness to post it soon after so the search engines see it first and as more traffic comes, it thinks it’s the “best” article since people flock to it and the post gets a good “rep”. But that doesn’t sustain this blog’s traffic. 🙂

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