san francisco 49ers rust ipad 1024×1024

San Francisco 49ers

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2 thoughts on “san francisco 49ers rust ipad 1024×1024

  1. LOVE this Ipad wallpaper…the gritty grey 49ER logo. How can I get that on my iPAD 2 ? Thank you 🙂

    -Bill/Lakeland FL

    • Hi Bill, I’m not sure how to get these wallpapers on to an iPad 2 because I don’t have one! These work for the iPad 2 as well because the resolution did not change between the iPad and iPad2. I’ll give you what one would do to get these graphics a PC in case you know some equivalent steps for the iPad.

      On a PC, you’d right click and choose Save Image As on the menu that pops up. There must be such an equivalent for the iPad.

      You save that image somewhere and then go to the Control Panels to set it as your wallpaper. Now, I imagine with Mac stuff, there’s probably a faster way of doing that, but you’ll have to rely on a friend to show you because I don’t know. If I did, I’d have written it out.

      Sorry I can’t help you any more, but there must be others you know with an iPad you can ask.

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