Lin Yu Chun is NO Chinese Susan Boyle, But Maybe Susan Boy

So, we have our first Internet singing sensation of 2010. He’s a Taiwanese Boy named Lin Yu Chun.

That was the reality show video that got him noticed, singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You… and sounding incredibly like her! I’ll even give him points for being better cause he’s not screeching like Whitney did. He’s a bit more breathy at the start and in some parts, but he can learn to hold that microphone just a tad farther away at the right moments. That’s the easy part.

However, I have a problem with the moniker the Westerners are giving him, the Chinese Susan Boyle.


Please. Taiwanese.

Things made in China just ain’t that good, K?

As for the Susan Boyle comparison, it was because he was on a reality TV show and didn’t look that great, but sang magnificently. Someone pinned Susan Boyle’s comparison to him cause he’s an ugly duckling that preyed on our judgment of people for their looks, only to sing with the beauty of a swan.

Most Viewed YouTube Clips Ever, as of Apr 17 2009, and still rising by millions per day then (click to enlarge)

But Susan Boyle was, and is still, the biggest Internet YouTube sensation. I don’t see anywhere near 50 million views in a few days, do you? I don’t mean on the video above, but do a search and add up the views on all the duplicates. It doesn’t even come close!

Lin Yu Chun’s video would probably be doing better if it had the electric atmosphere seen in Susan Boyle’s video. Man, that was something!

So sadly, in terms of Internet YouTube singing sensation, sorry Lin. Yu aren’t even close.

However, the way he sings like a woman, and I mean that in a complimentary way, may I recommend we dub him the Taiwanese Susan Boy.

The video below of Lin Yu Chun singing Amazing Grace is a better sample of his singing, in my opinion. I Will Always Love You was never to my liking the way Whitney sounded like a cat in heat for parts of it. Amazing Grace? That’s one of those tunes like a Bob Dylan song where you can mediocritize it and it still sounds great! And Lin, Yu sang it like you believed!


Yu not Susan Boyle yet, Lin. But keep this up and you’re on your way! Hope to hear more great stuff in the future.

And don’t let the Chinese keep you down!

No worries. This blog has probably been banned in China for a long time now.

But when does Britain’s Got Talent 2010 start??? I want to know if they’ve got a British Lin Yu Chun! πŸ™‚



Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 4.9

10 thoughts on “Lin Yu Chun is NO Chinese Susan Boyle, But Maybe Susan Boy

  1. Hey dude,

    I respect that you want to call this boy Taiwanese instead of Chinese. Valid point. But don’t go making strong and wrong accusations like “Things made in China just ain’t that good, K?”. Well, no, not OK. You don’t have the least bit basis to some a flawed statement. Please, this boy is talented. Do not change this into a political issue.

  2. Hey dude,

    It’s called humour. But you know what? It’s humour people get. And you know what else? It’s humour people get cause they can relate to it, which means it has some degree of truth. It’s not that flawed a statement, but it’s humour to start with. Besides, what’s wrong with throwing in some political statement here and there? If you’ve never experienced it, you’ve probably only lived in China all your life.

  3. You need to calm down.

    If you call that a sense of humor, fine. I just don’t find it very amusing because you are right, some people can relate to it, but some can’t. I do however suggest you go find a new sense of humor though because your humor seems solely based on bashing another’s country. I don’t think you’ll appreciate it very much if people started poking fun and making bombastic accusations against Viet Nam. Lastly, on a parting note, I really don’t think your blog is important enough for China to ban it. Contrary to what you think, I’ve only lived in China for a few years.

    • You need to seriously lighten up.

      No humour works for everybody. If you can’t relate to it, I appreciate the comment and your opinion. But I’m entitled to mine and to take a few swipes every now and then. I even take swipes at Viet Nam in some of my other posts, and I can take some jokes about Viet Nam. I’m an equal opportunity basher when I do bash. And since when were you able to assess the breadth of humour to “solely” bashing another’s country? Most of my humour isn’t even bashing, but it is slick enough I’m not getting any new sense of humour, just keep on growing it.

      As for my blog not being important enough for China to ban it, good then. More traffic the better, and I’d love to be able to visit the country for its magnificent past someday without getting in trouble with the authorities. The comment wasn’t about self-importance as taking a little stab at the Chinese dictatorship… and it is essentially that operationally.

  4. Taiwanese can enjoy Youtube,Facebook,Twitter,but Chinese can’t.their government blocked them all.If Lin Yu Chun is from China,then we will not see his singing on Youtube. by this way China block a lot of talent people to appear on world stage. remember you do not see Chinese talent on Youtube until it was unblocked.

    • Yes, that is an unfortunate consequence of Chinese censorship. I’d love to see some great Chinese talent which I know is out there. I was just being sarcastic on the comment regarding Chinese. I joke about lots of countries and also put myself down for a jokes many times so try not to be too offended.

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