11 thoughts on “Vancouver Canucks Team Logo Wallpapers (All Monitor Sizes)

  1. Hey, thanks for the great work! I came across your site looking for vintage and current Canuck logos. Having a hard time finding anything that I can put in the Hockey room. Ever tried printing any of your logos in poster size?

    • Thanks for the comp, Jerod. Give me a couple of weeks to dig up some files I can send to you. They’re vector files so you should be able to print them at any size, though you’ll probably need a professional printing shop to do that for you. I just got back from a long vacation and need to get my life started up again first.

  2. Thanks for these awesome walls!!! I snagged a few of them 🙂

    You made anything for the 2011 playoffs season?

    thanks again!!!

    • Hi Allan, glad you liked the walls! I don’t have anything for the 2011 playoffs because I don’t like making stuff that gets dated within months. If the Canucks win the Cup, I’ll make some cause that won’t get dated any time soon! 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to comment as well. Please do recommend to your Canuck fan friends. Thanks!

    • Hi Emily, so sorry but I don’t have that logo without the red. They just switch things up so people buy more current jerseys not to be out of date, or viewed as such. They’ll probably put it back in next year or add yellow or something.

  3. Hey , has anyone told you lately that you are an ‘effin rockstar? Thanks so much for taking the time and energy, doing all this work, especially in all the sizes- it looks really sleek, good idea to leave room for folders, ect. You did a sweet job on all this. I don’t even usually like the skate logo because of the brash colours, but the silver-ish one you did that’s toned down, really works. I’ve been shocked at the lack of decent ‘nucks wallpapers in my size, so its great to find your stuff. I know a few people that are going to be really stoked when I share your page. kudos to ya and thanks again.

    • Well, Gaugeup, no but you ‘effin made my day with your compliments! Thank you very much for taking the time and for doing so. I was as shocked as you at the lack of Canucks wallpapers, in general, so that’s why I made these. I’m glad they are appreciated and thanks also for sharing it with your friends. I hope they will like them as much. Have a great weekend!

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