5 thoughts on “University of Northern Iowa Panthers Logo Wallpapers (all monitor sizes)

  1. Ha, kind of funny that I just discovered this website after I decided to change my old desktop that had a picture of Adam Koch bottling up Sherron Collins in that fantastic game last year. Thanks for creating these, they are really cool! That’s at least 1 UNI fan to use these!!


    • Lots of people have found this, Jesse. From what I can tell, there are several threads of some UNI forums that have spread news about this. However, I’m glad you found this otherwise and enjoy them. I hope you’ll tell your UNI friends and supporters about them. And thanks for taking the time to comment and share your story. I hope to see UNI back in March Madness one year soon. Maybe even attend a game and meet some of you!

    • Thanks, Alex. Please do tell your UNI supporters about these if they’re looking for some backgrounds and wallpapers. It’s a post that keeps on giving each year with a new crop of students and supporters. 🙂

      It’s my dream that one day, while watching an NCAA March Madness game with UNI, some fan will wave one of these in the camera the way people wave their signs, T-shirts, and such with logos of their team. 🙂

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