Alexandre Bilodeau Wins First Canadian Olympic Gold at Home!

Alexandre Bilodeau (picture is in correct orientation)

And the winner is…

Alexandre Bilodeau!

Over 500 athletes have competed for Canada in the Olympics at home, and the first to take home a gold medal on home soil is Alexandre Bilodeau!

The Rosemère, Québec, native, won the gold medal in the men’s moguls at the Vancouver Olympics. This was sweet redemption after Jennifer Heil narrowly missed gold by the smallest of margins at the women’s freestyle moguls last night (Feb 13). 13 did not seem to be lucky for her.

With Bilodeau’s victory, Canada can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief to get that huge monkey off our backs! For the rest of the athletes, that pressure is also now off of them to win the first Canadian gold on home soil. Now things will return to normal without that additional pressure as there will be a gold rush coming. We tend to get our fair share of gold medals at the winter Olympics.

Bilodeau’s gold, though, will be one for the ages given we’ve waited ages for it.

Dale Begg-Smith of Australia took the silver Sunday.

Bryon Wilson of the United States claimed the bronze.


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