New Orleans Saints Win a Much Needed Super Bowl

New Orleans Saints

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on winning the Super Bowl! They played well and deserved it completely. A big interception thrown by Peyton Manning returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter spelled the end for the Colts, but I think the way the Saints marched down the field easily in the second quarter meant the Colts had to be flawless because anything less meant the Saints would capitalize on it. That’s when I thought the Colts were first in trouble.

More importantly with the Super Bowl win, congratulations to the people of New Orleans. They really needed this one, cause I’d hate to have seen the next week there if the Saints had lost. I know they had a parade planned whether the Saints won or not, but it’d have been a downer, and further propagated the team’s image for not being able to win the big one. Now, I wonder if New Orleans native Peyton Manning will be attending that Super Bowl party. It’d almost feel like he would have to given it’s his true home town. His Dad probably has to since Archie played for the Saints and is a key part of their history. How awkward, eh?

As a side plot, what a fantastic story for Drew Brees! As Kurt Warner retires, the NFL needs a new Cinderella story and Drew Brees stepped up for it.

Finally, looks like the “wisdom of crowds” theory held up on my poll of who would win the Super Bowl in 2010. Despite New Orleans being underdogs, the vote was 52% Saints to 48% Colts out of 297 votes. Way to go, folks!

As for me, I am a Colts fan and it is hard to take. However, the Saints were my #2 team in being my NFC team. It’s not as hard to take, the loss, with my #2 team winning, like it might have been if some other team had beaten the Colts in the playoffs, like the Patriots or Chargers.

Now, that Saints hat I’ve got that is going to be some commodity in Halifax, Nova Scotia! 🙂

But really, let’s hope New Orleans get something more real to cheer about than this Super Bowl that will only lift the people’s spirits, not repair their homes, get them back their jobs, and so on.

Enjoy the thrill, New Orleans! You definitely deserved this one!

Btw, I’ve got lots of Saints wallpapers of all sizes, and Saints backgrounds for iPhone, Palm Pre and Blackberries, on this blog! They are under NFL Logos and NFC teams. Go get yourself some!

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15 thoughts on “New Orleans Saints Win a Much Needed Super Bowl

  1. I unintentionally missed the first quarter. I know I could peruse NFL’s game center, but since you are a Colts fan, I thought I’d ask if there was a moment or a series of moments when you thought the Saints would win (not counting the interception in the fourth quarter).

    Also, who sang the National Anthem and was that singer any good?

    • Second quarter, the way the Saints were able to march down the field at will. That’s when I thought Indy was in trouble because they’d have to play it out perfectly, or get a key stop here and there that’s more of a “fluke” play or rare event, rather than just knowing Indy could stop the Saints on any given set of downs. It was the exact opposite of the Indy-Jets game a few weeks ago. Indy was down big, but the way they marched in the 2nd quarter, I knew the Jets were going to make a mistake sooner or later and that it’d be over for them.

      As for the national anthem, that was Carrie Underwood (sp?). She wasn’t great, either, especially at the end. However, nobody cares much about the national anthem singer and it’s not like there’s a good past track record of great national anthem performances to expect one. 🙂

      p.s. Poetry to open your blog entry on the Super Bowl outcome. I’m impressed!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the quick reply!

    I watched that Colts victory over the Jets. Yes, you’re right about the second quarter difference from tonight compared to the AFC Championship.

    I didn’t miss that much then re: the “Star Spangled Banner.” I don’t think anyone can top Whitney Houston’s rendition of it for Super Bowl XXV (nevermind if she actually sang live during the telecast).

    Eerie, isn’t it about the poem. I wasn’t even thinking about the Super Bowl when I wrote it. The first line about not weeping for armadillos came to me while I was getting my lunch time Starbux fix.

    • No problem on the quick reply. I’m too sad to be sleeping right now even though I have to work early Monday. However, I had banked my sleep well… mostly in anticipation of watching winning post-game stories and interviews.

      That’s some fix to be able to get the poem to tie in with the Super Bowl!

      I’m sure the anthem by Carrie will be on YouTube Monday, if not already, in case you want to see it.

      Btw, I actually have a half-sized rubber Falcons football. I bought it many, many years ago when I didn’t have money and it was dirt cheap for some reason. I haven’t rid myself of it despite adopting the rival Saints as a #2 team behind Indy. Also loved watching Vick… play football, that is. 🙂

      OK. Have to hit the sack now. Thanks for the comments and the post via your blog.

  3. Man the Colts were doing so strong in the beginning and then they just crumbled….it was hard to watch at the end when Peyton threw that interception but the Saints deserved it they played hard.

    • I know… I know… I thought the heart break my Tarot cards predicted for me in February was going to be related to Valentine’s Day. This one completely caught me off-guard. I’m still recovering. 😦

  4. hey look up “I need a record deal man” on you tube the guy is trying to get hits to get a deal and he’s goin around town get on the wagon now before its a ban wago

  5. I really am glad the Saints won. I was rooting for them starting at the beginning of the season, but I never thought they’d actually go undefeated 13-0 until the Dallas game, or make it to the Super Bowl and win. Awesome.

    I knew Sean Peyton was going to go BIG or go home. The Saints perform their best when they’re unpredictable, as seen with the game against Miami in the regular season when the Saints made a 30+ point comeback, and Brees himself jumped into the end zone for a touchdown. The Saints also played it a little too safe in the NFC Championship, and almost lost – that isn’t their style.

    Expect to see more from Brees and Sean Peyton in terms of NFC dominance.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jeremy. I certainly hope the Saints have more NFC dominance in the future. I rather like that Saints hat I’ve got as it’s no plain old one with just a logo on it. 🙂

      They surprised me quite a bit, too, and I had a ton of fun this year each week as I could boast both the Saints and Colts winning each week for quite a while. Good for Sean Peyton to take the risks he did. I love charismatic and daring leaders!

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