Suggestions for Improving the iPad


Apple just came out with the iPad yesterday, with the release date being March 27, and I’m already thinking of improvements. I’m not here to bash it, not knowing much of it aside from reading articles on it and the awesome video above. I’m just the type who likes to think about the future.

The iPad seems like a great product, but I expected a few pieces of common technology with it that are not exactly futuristic, though are few are cutting edge. Mostly, I’m talking about some multi-media features and a few casing features.



For starters, I thought Apple could have included a camera, even if just a photo camera and not a video camera. I mean, the cell phones have them, for crying out loud. Would it have been too much to ask for one on the iPad to make it completely multi-media? Imagine, being able to “webcam” with someone on a tablet. How futuristic would that be?


Fold out stand and handle

The docking station allows you to perch your laptop in easy ways to view hands free, but what if it had a portable handle that folded out and in? It could swing from about 2/3 of the way up so as to fold out back to make a stand, or flip all the way up to make a handle. I recommended the 2/3 distance up so folding up, it would be higher than the top (1/2 way means it’d hit the top). If you have it around the home, which I imagine you just might, having the carrying case all the time takes away the magic of that pad feel.


LCD Projector

Hey, now there’s an idea! Have a projector built in like some projector cell phones are going to have as early as April, when the iPad is due out. Put the projector on the horizontal top side, with the mic on the vertical bottom (horizontal right but you’d use it vertically) and the webcam vertical top (cause your face is long so you’d probably prefer to see your face in its natural frame). Why have your friends look at your pictures and videos on-line a few people at a time, on that relatively small screen? Really show them to the world with that projector! Or do your PowerPoint presentation right from your machine without having to rely on audio/video set up.


Remote Control / Light Pen / Laser Pointer

Now you’re talking! Have a light pen / remote control / laser pointer embedded in the length of that handle, or snapped in somewhere in the back of the iPad. In that “stick”, you’d have the remote for like 3-4 generic buttons that have various functions in different programs the way the PC mouse has 3 buttons.  That way, you can be a little away from your iPad while showing friends stuff they need to be closer to see since you’d have already seen it, like flipping your presentation slides you could be showing, with or without your projector.  Or if you’re lying down and want to flip a page as you read on-screen at bed time. Reaching out can be annoying, as ridiculous as it sounds. But if it weren’t, why are remotes all the rage? Remote operations could also be great if you had that projector going.

Of course, the remote control gadget can have a plain tip like a pen on a mouse tablet, as the remote signal could come out of a little slot in the direction of the “stick”, not necessarily the front of it. Sure, fingers are good with the iPad, but if you touch up photos and such, or make digital writing notes, scribble Etch-a-sketch ideas, and so on, a pen would be better.

On the opposite end of the “stick”, have a laser pointer there. I mean, if you’re going to be able to project a presentation from your machine, how nice would a laser pointer be. Learn to twirl it like a drum stick and you’re half a magician. Twirl it to remotely activate the next slide, twirl it to point to things with your laser pointer as you speak, and do it again for each slide, turning on audio as you need to, etc. Having a laser pointer on you most of the time is not a bad idea, either. Ever been in a big space and wanted to point something out to someone, exactly?

And yes, all this would be possible. I’ve seen laser pointers and camera remotes a third the length of a short pencil each. Your AAA battery would fit in the other third, if you can’t design one using a smaller battery that is too wide and flat like the ones in your watch.


Price control

I do realize adding some of the features I’m suggesting will make the iPad unaffordable to many people. However, it shouldn’t be exorbitant. Besides, what’s wrong with having a deluxe model?


Improvement during lag time?

I don’t know what Apple’s production schedule is like, but with the product not being available till April, essentially, I can’t help but wonder whether they may redesign a few things between now and then. In the tech world, two months is a long time, and I wouldn’t put it beyond the bright people at Apple to be thinking some of the same things I am and putting it into the final model.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 8.3




28 thoughts on “Suggestions for Improving the iPad

  1. Dear,

    I like the idea of putting a web-cam in the Ipad.
    I already can see how people are video chatting to each other with there Ipad.

    Now,I want to add some features I would love to see on the new Ipad.

    Wireless video and audio streaming.
    Because I think that the Ipad can be an excellent HTPC (home theater pc (or mac 😉 )
    If they sell external wireless modules to connect to a tv or audio installation.
    The price of the Ipad wouldn’t be more expensive.
    Or another option is a possibility to connect your Ipad to the Apple tv.

    I think that it must be very fun to just scroll true your movies/music and then send them to your tv screen or audio system.


    Manuel Torfs

  2. Apple should add a multi-function IR and Bluetooth capable remote control. 

    Control your TV and all other equipment via iPad. 

    Voice activation would be very cool.

    I bought a Harmony 1000 remote for $325 and it has been a pain in the @as since the day I got it. 

    The iPad could take multi-function remotes to a whole new level. 

    Let’s see.   

  3. personally i think those are good ideas i don’t really think the idea of a laser pointer or and lcd projecter.

    I am a student and one thing that would make the ipad just maybe the greatest thing out there is if it had a special type of STYLUS that could be used as a pencil for the notes application. it would completely replace the need for a backpack. all notes are saved on the ipad, one of the first digital notebooks of its kind.

    • That’s a nice idea, Nigel, regarding the Stylus. I had envisioned the light pen to be that, plus the note pad could be almost like an Etch-a-Sketch to save memory space, unless people convert it to colour. I also wouldn’t mind having digital notes for the rest of my life, with the pen only for sketches to accompany the notes that could be typed using the virtual keyboard.

    • Thanks for your comment. I would agree to some extent, but that depends on how you measure success. At its price, the iPad can’t be expected to sell as many units as the iPhone. It’s also a less capable computer, for convenience supposedly, rather than a more capable phone. However, if you measure units sold versus other computers, so you compare computers with computers and phones with phones, I think it will be a success. The Apps available will ultimately make or break its sales, I predict, and there seems to be plenty of Apps, most of which are being reconfigured for the iPad. We’ll see!

  4. I am an animator and illustrator. I am getting ready to finally purchase a Cintiq. Wacom has no competition for this type of artists input device. If the ipad had stylus input so I could draw on the thing, it’s a wrap. I would drop Cintiq like a hot potato. Considering the Cintiq’s high price and lack of mobility I guarantee every digital artist would be salivating for an ipad. Without out this feature I’m holding on to my money.

  5. One other thing. Autodesk already has an app for the iphone/ipod called SketchBook mobile which is like a scaled down photoshop or Painter. It’s cool but the tip of your finger is only so accurate.

    • Hi JP, those are fantastic suggestions! I totally agree with you. I wonder if Apple has the stylus feature waiting in the wings because I can’t imagine they’d have discharged all their thunder with the iPad introduction months ago, and not have anything new except to start selling the product now. Let’s see what happens!

  6. My first wish, within a couple of hours of use, would be the option to use a standard layout keyboard, with numbers above letters, as well as normal symbol keys. The additioinal real-estate offered – particularly in landscape – would seem to make that feasible as a configurable alternative to the phone style layout.

    • Oh, the probably could, but they’re waiting to sell a hundred million of these lower processing capacity ones before upgrading and making lots of people pay again for the next generation (while phasing out this one so it doesn’t get cheaper when they could continue it for a cheaper price). Then they’d have to do it again, on probably the third generation before you will be able to do that when they probably have an iPad that can today (or produce one, even if it’d be pricey). Tech out in the public is always about two generations behind or more.

  7. Two things I would like improved with my beloved iPad (and I was one of the 700,000 persons who waited to purchase mine on the first day they were releases).

    1. When in landscape direction in “mail” I want to be able to slide the menu on the left out of the way so I can greatly increase the size of the fonts bin reading my news bulletins, etc. And spread what I am reading out.

    2. I want the margins to automatically adjust when I am reading text and know not to do that when I am viewing a photo and I have enlarged the photo for detail. For example when I am reading a text in an article which initially “fits/fills” the screen and then I make it big enough for me to read I have to keep moving not only back and forth horizontally but then scroll down too. A quick fix would make the now large font page into a narrow column of text and able to be read simply scrolling down.

    Would make it nearly perfect.

  8. Hi,

    My iPad is shared with my wife and son, so it would be good if the Mail application supported multiple users each with their own private email.



    • Thanks for that suggestion, Paul. That’s shocking they don’t allow that. I wonder if they’re so vain to think each person in a family household would go buy one for him/herself? It’s not that great yet. They’ve got to revise it a few times to add some more memory and HD space to make it more functional with today’s demanding software needs. They can now, I’m sure. It’s just if you blow all your research and ability in one go, you’ll miss out on several generations of sales and won’t be able to update any time soon. That’s how tech marketing works.

  9. As well as the Mail app, Contacts should also be setup as a multi user application. So, in Settings you can toggle Mail and Contacts as multi user. When using as multi user, you need a user name and password. When not in multi user, it just behaves as it does now.

    This is the difference between an iPhone and IPad. The iPhone is obviously a single user device whereas the iPad should not be.

  10. I definitely think the iPad needs a video camera/mic with a Skype app. That would be a huge selling point for the next generation. I also think it should have a more compatible earphone jack.

    Other than that I think it’s a great product. I take it to class, read my ebooks, go on facebook, YouTube, etc…this is the best product I have ever bought hands down. It’s so light and it sure beats hauling 20 pounds of books to class.

    One more wish for improvement. Maybe design a better platform for the apps so they don’t crash as frequently?

    Oh, by the way, I sent this comment with an iPad.

  11. The one con I found of this amazing tablet, was that I could only charge the ipad from the wall charger.
    as i like to game a lot on my PS3 i used to use the ps3 for a charger and to access facebook, with my ipod touch, at the same time while im gaming. though, when i got the ipad i wasn’t able to charge it from my ps3 which would mean, i would have to be “stuck to the wall” to use my ipad as its charging. this problem may not be as it is to others, but i don’t have a laptop to charge my ipad as its by my side.
    that is why im concerned about this con. thank you for reading this.

    • I think it should replace a lot of laptops around because a lot of people don’t do heavy computing work with their laptops when they take them on trips, but only communications sort of work, like email, some presentations, etc. If so, the iPad or some tablet would be a much easier thing to take along. But as soon as they get some more storage space on these things, I’ll be getting one! That’s the only thing keeping me from getting one now. I do carry large files with me.

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