Two children discovered dead – Yahoo!

The way a Yahoo! news story tab about two children being found dead appeared on my browser (and probably yours, too!)


If you’re here because this blog post title disgusted you and you wanted to see what the hell this was all about, ready to give me some crap for it, then you got the point I’m about to make.

Yahoo! needs to change its branding scheme with its news stories.

Yahoo! has this branding design of putting its brand name after a story headline on your browser tabs. So when there’s a negative story headline that’s short enough to fit the headline and the Yahoo! brand onto a browser tab, it’s rather “inappropriate”. An example is shown above in the graphic, with the red box provided by me to highlight, regarding a story at the time of posting about two children being found dead in Calgary. The result is a browser tab labeled

Two children discovered dead – Yahoo!

Now, if Yahoo! has branded you well, like it has to me and tens, if not millions of hundreds of others, you’d have read that statement as two children discovered dead, with a cowboyish, rowdy banjo supported yaHOOOO-ooooo!!! yodel like at the end of the commercials below.


It’s “a little inappropriate”, to say the least, and definitely disturbing, though kudos to their ad agency for the great commercials that branded them so well inside my head. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get some therapy. If it costs too much, or if it happens again, I’m going to make they run a story one day soon that will show up on my browser tab as

Blogger successfully sues Net giant – Yahoo!

p.s. If you think the example I provided is rare, think again. Think of it as playing the lottery in terms of headline length and the tab length pending your monitor and viewing size. First, how many negative stories are there each day that a Yahoo! following it could make the reading “inappropriate”? For each one, how many users with various monitor and viewing sizes might read it? Not hard to imagine this happens numerous times each day. Even if it’s not that common, ask the branding machine how it likes the possibility happening at all.


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level:  7.9


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