Who Wants to See Taylor Swift in a Twilight Movie?

Taylors Swift (l) and Lautner (r)

So, singer Taylor Swift is dating Twilight New Moon werewolf star Taylor Lautner. She (Ms Swift) only blatantly hinted subtly in her Saturday Night Live (SNL) monologue on November 7 (2:42 to 2:55 in the video).

Now, I know Taylor is a name for both genders, like Kelly, but isn’t that kind of weird to be dating someone with your name?

Taylor (Lautner) seems to think (Extra Magazine). He stated that “It gets confusing definitely”.

Wait a minute, Taylor (Lautner). What gets confusing? When you or Taylor (Swift) talk to each other or call, to whom would you be referring except the other?

I’ll tell you one thing, though, aside from strange, it must sound narcissistic! To be talking endearingly as much as you  might in a relationship and having your name in the place of the other person’s name all the time. Imagine all the things you say to your significant other and put your name there. How weird would that sound, especially if you had a purely male or female name, which most of you have? You’d sound like you’re gay! Taylor and Taylor had better come up with some pet names for each other or else it’s going to be weird!

Any of you out there reading this have a spouse with the same name to share some insights?

Anyway, since Taylor’s been in a movie with Taylor before (Valentine’s Day, due out Feb 12 2010), which I believe was where they met, how’s about another one? How’s about Taylor Swift being in Twilight Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?

(Aside: Hey, this poll feature in WordPress has SO improved since the last time I used it!!! Nice!!! You can share this with your friends now, too, apparently!)

Now, I don’t like Twilight myself. I make all the stuff for it on my blog because I know there’s a big fan base out there for it. I haven’t read a word of it or seen any of it, so I don’t know if there’s any classy and pansy characters for Taylor Swift to be. But we could always alter the story so that Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner’s character who’s on the short side of a love triangle with Bella Swan with Edward Cullen and doesn’t seem like he will get her, could dump Bella for Taylor Swift’s character.

Hey, they’ve already altered the story so Edward Cullen could have a boosted profile since Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen, has become an international heart throb. I had heard that somewhere with my TV on one night. I really don’t actually know.


Maybe Taylor Swift could be a cute weregirl. Well, no. There’s no such thing. Cat girl? Still feline but gentler? Or maybe a succubus? Nah. Too naughty for Taylor’s classy and clean image.

By the way, who does Jacob Black eventually end up with anyway?

No worries about spoiling it for me. I have zero plans to watch of read Twilight. 🙂

Finally, what do you think of Taylor & Taylor as a couple, since I’m on a gossiping streak?


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I really don’t follow Twilight or any of this teen stuff. I was making some Twilight New Moon posters for their fans out there so I had to learn about the characters to know a bit about the series. I also had recently seen and posted about Taylor Swift’s SNL video, where I learned she was dating the werewolf from Twilight. I even forgot his actor’s name was Taylor! It was only when I realized that that I had the idea for this post. In “confirming” Taylor was dating Taylor, a quick Internet search revealed some other facts I mentioned in this post. In other words, my research wrote the story after I had the initial idea. But I’ll be honest that I’m becoming quite the huge fan of Taylor… Swift. Total class act. Couldn’t care less for Lautner. 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.2

16 thoughts on “Who Wants to See Taylor Swift in a Twilight Movie?

  1. They are giving away 4 free tickets to New Moon movie and a copy of the book for email. you better get yours befour it runs out.

  2. That HAS to get weird…
    He’s younger than her, isn’t he? I never would’ve imagined them dating…

    I loved Taylor’s monologue, it was super funny!

    Oh, and Jacob ends up with Bellas daughter.

    • Yes, Taylor is younger than Taylor. Hahaha. Lautner 17 and Swift 19, I believe I had heard or read somewhere, but don’t care enough to check.

      What happened to girls being more mature than boys? Especially with someone with such class like her to be so mature for someone her age in her situation of superstardom?

      I think Taylor Swift should have that monologue on her next CD.

      And say what??? Jacob ends up with Bella’s daughter? That’s g-ross! I don’t care if they’re “ageless”. They still go through the initial phase where that’s like a guy wanting a girl, but doesn’t get her (or get her totally as I don’t know how much of a relationship Bella has with Jacob). But in failing, he goes after her daughter, whether she gives him permission or not. Eeewwwhhh! For all the classic themes Twilight capitalizes on, like the vampire thing, the immortality, the teen romance, to make it a success, inter-generational dating surely can’t do it good.

      If movie influences culture, like how the stars used to smoke all the time and smoking rates among the public back in the days, what’s Stephanie Meyer trying to do, subconsciously tell girls it’s all right to date men who might have once courted their Mothers? Sounds like a guy wrote that book!

      Thanks for the info, Gabby. 🙂


    • You do have a good sense of humour, and I hope you keep it rather than get angry with comments like your other one to Gabby cause you know, you can’t ultimately take back 100% of things that are said, as much as you try and apologize and all. Good to see you did, though. Nice maturity on your part.


    • Aly, I hope you want to marry Taylor yourself… as opposed to sharing or something. But between you and me, if I were a girl, I think Taylor Swift would be worth becoming lesbian for. 😉

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