Over 120 Twilight New Moon Printable Posters (8×12 to 20×24 inches)

Below are some large high resolution pictures from the hot New Moon movie, with a few from Twilight and the main stars outside of the movies. These images are at 300 dots per inch, with relatively little pixelation so they are sharp, especially upon printing. I made sure of that.

Most images are at

  • 8″ x 12″ (2400 x 3600 pixels)
  • 12″ x 18″ (3600 x 5400 pixels) or
  • 16″ x 24″ (4800 x 7200 pixels).

That’s good enough for most printing most people will want to do, large image photo transfers like those blankets at Wal-mart. These images are also printable as 6″ x 4″ typical photo size for 25 cents or less each, like my New Moon and Twilight 6″ x 4″ printable picture post (all different pictures than from here), if you want cheap and multiple prints for decorating. Just choose the file from here at the photo machine, and choose the 6×4 size and that’s it.

Images not fitting these proportions are noted below.

Please do NOT sell anything you make with these graphics. They are available so people like you and I can download them to do whatever we want with them for ourselves, so to speak, but not to make money from them.

Please also note the large size of these images means the files are from 1 to 8 MB so it might take a little while to load if you don’t have high speed Internet.

By the way, how was the New Moon movie?

Please click here for other Twilight and New Moon products, graphics and posts on this site, including:

  • Backgrounds for iPhones, Blackberries and other handhelds
  • Facebook tagging memes
  • Photo sized cards (print like regular 6″ x 4″ photo)
  • Polls (related to Twilight Saga or their actors and actresses)
  • Posters (8″ x 12″ up to 20″ x 24″, most also printable as 6″ x 4″ photos)
  • Wallpapers for monitors of many sizes


9 thoughts on “Over 120 Twilight New Moon Printable Posters (8×12 to 20×24 inches)

  1. Walmart wouldnt let me print these they said they are way too professional, that I was breaking the law and that they could turn me into the local police and get a 50,000.00 fine for copyright infringement. I laughed at her! Its funny because it was AFTER they printed the photos, so you KNOW she will be taking them home with her and putting them on her pellow at night! Baha lame walmart!

    • That’s hilarious, Alan! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing!

      I got the original graphics from sites which had what looked to be official posters with promotional printing beneath the pictures. They seemed to have been handed out for promotional purposes. I touched them up for contrast, bad pixelation in some places and packaged them to be printed in the right resolutions and sizes. I don’t advertise myself on them so the users can enjoy the pure content. I don’t make money from it. Someone may be able to argue copyright on it, but definitely no exploitation.

      Now, as far as Walmart printing them, that’s more of a copyright because they produced the product. People just look at mine. 🙂

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