Printable G1 Decepticon Vertical Trading Cards (6″ x 4″ photo size)

Please click here for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon wallpapers and printable trading cards

I created these Decepticon vertical format trading cards, or just plain photos for decorative purposes. They are regular photo size so you could just take the files to wherever you print pictures and print them! I designed them for convenience that way. Of course, they could also be printed on other things like stickers and such, including at smaller sizes like 2″ x 3″. However, I would not recommend printing these on paper above 9″ x 6″, if you still want quality in the image.

These are “fan art”, NOT official products so please do not interpret them as such, try to convince others as such or try to profit from them!

The Decepticon art came from the Transformer toy boxes, and were obtained from Botch the Crab’s Transformers Box Art Archive. However, I did my fair share of Photoshop magic to get them in the condition you see here, and then did the design on my own. These all print very nicely, even though a few of them will look just a tad rough on-screen if you view them to download. This was because the original art source didn’t always have a very high resolution scan and it is a lot larger on your screen than in print.

Just click on the file you want to download it. Then take it to your a store with a photo printing machine and print them out. It’s that simple!


Files are about 1.0 MB to keep the high quality print details. They are 1800 x 1200 pixels if you want to print them on something other than a normal printer, and your printing shop asks you for a file size to see if it’s big enough to do what you want.

You can look forward to seeing some of these G1 Decepticons in wallpapers I will create in the near future.

Please click here to see the G1 Autobots version of this gallery.

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  • Avatars, buddy icons and Facebook profile pictures
  • Collectible Trading Cards (print like regular 6″ x 4″ photos)
  • Facebook tagging pictures
  • Posters (18″ x 24″)
  • Wallpapers of many sizes

For more printable cards and posters on this blog, please click here.


2 thoughts on “Printable G1 Decepticon Vertical Trading Cards (6″ x 4″ photo size)

    • Hi Chris,

      I don’t have these in small sticker size, but you can always shrink the images to fit stickers. You might need a program to lay them out, though. I don’t know what software printers come with these days to help that sort of stuff.

      You can go to a stationery store like Staples to ask for letter sized decals, or something like a sheet of labels, without the cuts, on glossy or regular paper, and print these graphics on them. Stores like Staples have computer centres where you might be able to print them, or they might even print them for you. Or ask a place like Walmart if they can print them on sticky back paper that you can peel away. Customer service is there to help. Ask them because the details change too much from place to place for me to give advice any more specific than that.

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