These are “corporate artwork”, so far as I know. These are not official trading cards or products or anything so please do not interpret them as that. They are not for sale and I am making no money from them. I don’t even have my site advertised on them!

I just thought some people might enjoy having some printed pictures of Harry Potter characters in their room, school binders, lockers, or even office, for a little fun decoration. I didn’t find anything readily available out there so that’s why I made them. Who knows? Maybe nobody cares for them. Marketers know what people want, right? We’ll see.

Just click on the file you want to download it. Then take it to your a store with a photo printing machine and print them out. It’s that simple!


You can print these as large as 9″ x 6″ and still be able to get a reasonably nice quality print, but I don’t recommend sizes larger than that.

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