The Left Out Track of Sophie B. Hawkins Singing “I Want You” at Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert

Sophie B. Hawkins

Sophie B. Hawkins

Update: There is no longer a video of this track. Some copyright freak keeps getting new ones removed that it’s no longer worthwhile for me to track down new uploads. Lots of other content exist legitimately on YouTube and other video sites. Somebody’s just incredibly old fashioned to still get the videos of this great performance removed.

The broadcast of the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary tribute concert held by Columbia Record in October 1992, and broadcasted on television some time after, was when I fully discovered the genius of Bob Dylan. I had heard a song here or there of his, but never so many together. Then there were a whole bunch I had not realized that were his songs because the radio play just doesn’t give that songwriter credit often enough. And there were a bunch I had never heard before. This was, for me, without a doubt, the one concert I wish I could have attended if I could have.

However, when I got the concert double CD, I was disappointed in that my favourite performance of the night, I Want You, sung by Sophie B. Hawkins, was not on it. Neither was the performance on the VHS tape then, or DVD now. I don’t know why that was, but I was disappointed despite the rest of the quality tracks on it, especially Stevie Wonder’s incredibly moving rendition of Blowin’ in the Wind.

However, in this day and age with YouTube, I knew I could count on someone to have posted that performance. Sure enough, someone did. Have a look and listen below. Sophie just dives into the song and lets it rip, complete with what looks like a bell organ accompaniment and a small choir that included, among others, Sheryl Crow.

And for my own use, Stevie Wonder’s rendition of Blowin’ in the Wind, but I highly recommend a listen if you’ve never heard it… or a re-listen if you have! Why there isn’t a version on YouTube without subtitles is beyond me but have a listen and how Stevie got the entire Madison Square Garden crowd into it. Wow!

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 8.3

8 thoughts on “The Left Out Track of Sophie B. Hawkins Singing “I Want You” at Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert

  1. I saw the show the night they played it on paper view and when I first saw her do it I was like, ” What the hell”? But after watching her quite a few times I LOVED it. And I was dissapointment when it wasn’t on the cd, video etc. Now I’m looking for it on YouTube but it seems he “people” delete them all. 😔

  2. I watched it on TV and listened to it on the radio simultaneously, and taped it off the radio. The radio station went to a commercial during “I Want You,” and I wound up taping that song off the TV, which, needless to say, was of far poorer quality. I always wondered if they left it off because they didn’t have a good recording of it, like I didn’t.

    • I’m guessing someone didn’t like the version and style she did, or that Columbia Records was demanding about copyrights that they are always in a losing battle for decades now. The quality on TV was quite nice actually.

  3. I first saw this concert on PBS in 1993. I recorded it (VHS), but lent the tapes to a friend, and have never seen them since.
    I’ve long been a Dylan fan, and loved almost every cover in this concert (I could have lived without June Carter’s vocals). They really exhibited the range of styles that Dylan’s music lends itself to.
    But, of all the performances in this concert, Sophie B Hawkins’ cover of I Want You is the one that has stuck with me for decades. The raw emotion rips at your soul. It has always seemed the most authentically emotional of all of them (although Stevie Wonder, Tracy Chapman, and Eddie Vedder certainly held the bar high with their work).
    It has always annoyed me that her performance doesn’t see the light of day … but, fortunately, you can find other live performances of I Want You from Sophie, and they’re all of high calibre. She is a tremendous performer.

    • Totally agree! I have seen nothing of the sort from Sophie, or anything else, of this calibre for this song, though, I hope my memory of this performance will persist for many more decades, and am still disappointed they don’t have this anywhere. 😦

  4. Anybody know why Sophie’s “I want you” was left off the 30th anniversary concert album & video? I had a VHS version from when I taped the PBS showing of the special, but it got disappeared years ago. One of the most erotic and exciting versions of this song ever made. When she rips open her long black coat to reveal a slinky lowcut dress as she screams out “I want you!!!” in third chorus or so, was a highlight of the concert. Has to be available somewhere.

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