Monster Moves Music II, on iTunes in July!

Daniel Pemberton, Monster Moves music composer

Daniel Pemberton, Monster Moves music composer

Back in May, I posted about the awesome choral music from the Monster Moves series and how much I loved it all! Thanks to one of my blog readers, Ross, I am most pleased to say there is new music to be shared! Better yet, all the tracks seen on my posts, and possibly more, will be on iTunes in mid-July!

I have included two new videos below, as shared by Daniel Pemberton, their composer, on YouTube. I LOVE this guy’s work! More of which could be seen on his website, but I’ll save that for another post.

The first of these new Monster Moves tracks and videos I am featuring was released just a few days ago as of this posting, on Jun 21 2009. I am most grateful to Ross for letting me know about it so soon because I would not have known otherwise. How can I say that? Because it was filmed in Halifax, where I live with a view into the harbour where it happened, and I NEVER, EVER, had ANY idea it had taken place!!! That’s how badly the Halifax PR scene is sometimes!

I LOVE Monster Moves, and man, does it EVER SUCK knowing this all happened under my nose!!! That, despite being happy to find out there was great new music, and that it featured the great city in which I lived! Thanks to Wayne Dayton in a comment below, the move was of the retired submarine, HMCS Onondaga. The move was from Halifax to Rimouski. The music is grand as the move, as usual. Nothing less could be expected. Here it is below. Enjoy!


I wonder if a photo I took of a another submarine carried on a barge in April, a barge that could have carried two submarines, had anything to do with Monster Moves. I’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

The second Monster Move track shared is the moving of an ancient 4,100 tonne river queen steamboat, President, on the Mississippi. They moved it 80 miles across land to St Elmo where it seems they will restore it on land after reassembly since they moved it in pieces! Then they have plans turn it into a casino style hotel! Holy smokes!

This time, instead of using choral music, Daniel Pemberton decided to go with a geographically appropriate blues tune.

The guy is good!

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.2

5 thoughts on “Monster Moves Music II, on iTunes in July!

  1. Get your facts straight before you post them, and show more respect to our Armed Forces! The retired submarine is the HMCS Onondaga, on its way TO Rimouski….HMCS Rimouski, a sturdy little corvette that served in the Battle of the North Atlantic under the courageous command of the legendary R.J. Pickford, the youngest commanding officer of a major armed vessel for the Allies during WW II, defended our nation in WW II.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thank you very much for correcting my post, and providing additional information on the HMCS Rimouski. I should have checked up on the name to know it wasn’t a submarine. I normally do and provide links, like the one I just put in for a correction, with credits to you. I don’t know why I missed it but my apologies to you, readers and members of the Armed Forces to whom the subject is closer to their life and hearts. The time people like you take to read and comment with corrections is what helps improve the work. I did mention I wasn’t sure on a few things, though, so it wasn’t absolute.

      As for respect to our Armed Forces, I know people in them and I respect them. I came from Viet Nam, a country of war in its past. I know and appreciated the value of the people in the Armed Forces of all types, ours and others who helped us, as well as those in countries like Canada where I could enjoy freedom I could not in my homeland. I also know people in the Armed Forces here. However, respect isn’t reverence beyond some criticism here or there, though I should have checked up on the ship name, of course.

      Thank you very much for your comment again. All the best!

  2. For those of the non Naval world: An explanation of the proper grammatical use of HMCS ;o)

    I must say “it grates my teeth” every time I hear or read “the HMCS …….” as it probably does for all Naval personnel.

    HMCS is an acronym for Her Majesties Canadian Ship.

    You would NOT say “the Her Majesties Canadian Ship”; it is grammatically incorrect; ….. when using the acronym construct your statement the same as if it were in full form.

    Ergo when reporting on a Canadian or Commonwealth Naval vessel PLEASE say ” today we are discussing HMCS Anyship …..” etc.

    Do us “old salts” a favour gents, use HMCS properly. By the way it is ONONDAGA not ONANDAGA


    George Sullivan
    CPO1 (retired)(submariner)

    • Thank you for the spelling correction on Onondaga. That was really a typo. I did spell it correctly to find the link. The usage of “the” with HMCS was thoughtless on my part. My apologies for both. I have fixed my errors.

      However, while were on grammar, ironically enough… on the acronym of HMCS, it stands for Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship. “Majesty’s” is singular possessive, not plural non-possessive as you had written it.

      Let’s get it all right so the royals across the salty pond don’t send their grammarians after us, or make us re-read “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves”, as wonderful a book as it is! 🙂

      Thank you.


  3. Having a day off from work, doing some cleaning in the house, having the TV on and seeing ….. Hell, it’s about submarines, nice but….. Hans Zimmer composing – Howard Shore ???? Waiting for subtitles enyoing the documentary and discovering Daniel Pembleton. Searching on Youtube and finding amongst other nice tunes The Final Battle.
    Will Daniel be the successor of… He has the right tones….. and tones makes the music as they say.

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