Hollie Shows Nerves of Steel on Top of Singing Talent in Britain’s Got Talent Semi-final 5!

Hollie Steel Semi-final 5It didn’t go as planned, but you know, how often has your life gone as planned? There’s going to be some controversy about it, but let them talk, cause Hollie Steel deserved to be talked about. She brought the unexpected in quite a different way than anybody imagined.

Like all the big contestants in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2009, Hollie showed nervousness. However, she showed the most nervousness and, it seemed, forgot her lines mid-performance! A gorgeous rendition of Edelweiss, from The Sound of Music, just went silent and the poor girl was crying her heart out. It was really a heart wrenching scene to which I will only include a link so you can have an idea from where she came, if you really want to watch it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though, cause it is really hard to watch and I don’t particularly care to see the full video on my blog as a visual reminder.

In the aftermath of that scene, Simon Cowell showed some remarkable kindness by overruling the producers, who said they didn’t have time for Hollie to try again, despite her plea. Simon said they’d find the time Hollie to try again somewhere, without necessarily showing where. Good for you, Simon! If you’re going to be authoritative, use it right!

It might have been the right thing to do, but you know, who was to say it couldn’t happen again? I mean, if Hollie got stage fright the first time, it was going to be a hundred times worse the second time given everyone knew what had happened, including herself! If the post title of Hollie having nerves of “steel” confused you, considering she lost it, what I was referring to was the nerves to go back out and try it again!

At this time, I feel it’s important to point out one thing about performance. People tend to want you to succeed. Even if they were cynical to begin with, like in Susan Boyle’s audition, they jumped on her side after the first line she sung. It was a good line, but not the greatest first line of all time or anything close… and she did set them up to be cynical given her look, gyrations and quirky manners on stage before singing.

However, little Hollie Steel lived up to her name and came back with resilience! She, like Susan and Shaheen Jarfogholi, didn’t have a great start. That could only have put more pressure on her because the cracks were already showing within the first few notes. But she stuck with it, had a only a few more shaky notes (which was fewer than I could say for Susan or Shaheen in the semi-finals), but nailed the rest, including some extremely high last notes!

It was one of the gutsiest things I’ve ever seen anyone do, to not only come back, but come back like that! I completely agree with the judges there.


Hollie was a bit of a happy crying wreck after it all, not surprisingly, but who wouldn’t? The judges and everyone were on their feet for her. Simon called Hollie “officially the bravest little girl in the world”, and I couldn’t agree more!

Now, this was a second chance that Hollie had. To many people, that was unfair. The other acts didn’t get a second chance. I can see that point, but I ask, are you looking for the best talent, or the best talent on a first go around? That question was going to have to be answered by the people. They would vote in the top three acts. The first one would go through to the finals, and the judges would have to choose one between the other two. The selection process is in a video below, though don’t read on till you’ve watched it unless you don’t care for the results… in which case, why watch it? Would the people thought Hollie deserved a second chance, or would it just be a complementary chance to right herself?


The public voted in Aidan Davis, and I would agree because he had a stunning routine tonight, without any second chances needed.


However, they also voted for Hollie Steel and Greg Pritchard, the human cat in heat male soprano singer. That surprised me a bit because I don’t associate Britain with being a land of second chances. America is the land of second chances. You ask all the British actors, actresses and singers who have ever flopped in Britain and came to America and see if they won’t confirm! However, humans are humans, and, in general, the audience wants you to succeed as I said before. Hollie couldn’t be expected to be voted through, but the audience left it in the opinions of the judges.

With those two choices, the judges then made their decision and went for the better talent. It was as simple as that.

SO, here’s the big question I have now. The finals are tomorrow night, on Saturday. That’s the day after this post and Hollie’s performance, if you’re reading later. That’s no time to prepare. What were the contestants told, prepare two numbers? Or would they redo their semi-final acts?

If it were the first, I hope Hollie has something faster and funner. I had hoped she would do something with a little more maturity than something to suit her younger image like Edelweiss, even if not a fast song to show a little more diversity to her talent. Susan Boyle is a one trick singer who can sing the grand parts, but seems to have trouble with anything less than that. That’s great, but limits you to very few songs, especially considering very few are grand all the way through. I think if Hollie does a song something like those faster, more mature songs I had suggested, she could have a chance to win.

However, if the finalists were to redo their semi-final acts, it would not only be a boring show that’s a foregone conclusions to people who had seen the semi-finals. Based on semi-final performances, Hollie doesn’t stand much of a chance to win cause I just don’t think she picked a song that gave her a really good chance to win. Based on the semi-final performances, if they were to be repeated, I’d say Aidan Davis has the best chance to win. He’s got moves, and charisma to go with it. Of course, having another dancing boy winner would start to make BGT a little stale with two of three years’ winners being such, but that’s the only thing really standing against Aidan under this scenario.

Still, phenomenal job to come back and do it the way you did, Hollie! Nerves of Steel, indeed! And hey, say what anyone will about second chances, Hollie still easily had the most memorable performance, two if you count one good and one bad, of the semi-finals! But you know, the masses love people who show their vulnerable side. If she can come back with a great number, what happened in semi-final 5 will only help her.

I hope the contestants were told to prepare two numbers, though, so as to leave some anticipation for the final night. And I hope somebody steps up with something unexpected and amazing cause, otherwise, the auditions would have far outshone the rest of the competition… and wouldn’t that be a bit of a pity in some ways? I mean, if it runs like that, just hold auditions and give them prizes, like recording contracts and so on.

Regardless, can’t wait for the outcome Saturday night! Good luck, Hollie! Whatever happens, you’ve got a special spot in our hearts and one bright future!

Update: Here’s the BGT finals outcome post!

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.5

8 thoughts on “Hollie Shows Nerves of Steel on Top of Singing Talent in Britain’s Got Talent Semi-final 5!

  1. Guys,do you think a 10year old girl with such a heart will be saying to herself Those with ”fake tears/scripted/sympathy vote” are pure idiots of life.Shes 10. Life is full of unfairness.Yet,this girl DESERVES another chance. Childen who do errors are more acceptable than an adult. Shes going to prove everyone shes capable of doing it. HOLLIE FOR THE WIN

    • Thanks for the comment, Gunthix. I agree Hollie definitely deserved another chance. The fact she asked for another chance shows her resilience already. In a moment like that where she forgot the lyrics or whatever, running and hiding is what most would do. She’s never done anything like this before, unlike some who have sung in front of crowds and then even lie about it (Jamie Pugh). And if anyone thinks it’s unfair she’s got a second chance, suck it up and get over it. They’ll be better for it because unfairness in life is like a test. Those who pass it are better for it, along the lines of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Hollie had her test last night coming out again… and that’s FAR tougher a test than anyone whining about the unfairness of her getting a second chance is facing. It’s fact, and it’s life. The sooner those who can accept it and move on, the better they’ll be for it… and learn something from the girl, too, for her spirit to go at it again. Failure is not about falling down, you know… it’s about not getting back up!

  2. I am a Hollie Steel fan, so I am biased. It is true she is young and she got a second chance that someone older would almost certainly have not received. It is also true she is young and had trouble controlling her nerves. So do many people that are not young. It is sad that so many children entertainers have been pushed into things by parents or others.

    But the reaction that no kid can want to try hard and challenging things is wrong. Plenty of kids try things at 10,12,15… that make them cry. In many ways that is not at all a bad thing. It shows they actually care about something. Now it is true it can also be an indicator of a problem. But why do so many immediately jump to the conclusion she must under too much pressure and it should be stopped.

    What about kids playing football that can’t take it when they lose. What about kids playing chess that are crushed when they lose a tournament? What about all the work kids put into science – say those competing in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair? What about kids on national at the finals of a national spelling bee championship? Or just a kid that is crushed when their friend fails them? Kids should be protected from certain things but I am not convinced Hollie needs protection from competing any more than some kid that gets upset during a football match.

    Look at Aidan, Shaheen, Sally (2 Grand) and Hollie in the finals. Yes kids may cry. That isn’t the end of the world. People do cry. It isn’t like breaking a leg or losing an eye. You can recover from crying very quickly. The kids in the finals were all fantastic. It was great to watch all of them.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mary. You’ve made some great points and I agree with them all. I’m a huge Hollie Steel fan, too, and I was SO glad to see she came back so resiliently in the finals, with NEW materials so many other sissies weren’t bringing, just regurgitating their auditions. That was just shameful, and more so the British audience accepted that. I would have demanded to see more talent and given the vote to anybody who brought more talent.

  3. I think Hollie should be prepared to know what she’s facing. Yet she cried. Therefore I think Shaheen, Aidan, Natalie and Sally were braver. Who cares if she does well on her second try? The others sucked it up and didn’t cry and trust me-they were all as nervous as each other.

    • Thank you for your opinion. Always fun to have these conversations. 🙂

      Oh, I kid you not. Hollie was the pure singer in the bunch. No screaming, stretching of vocal chords, variety in style, etc. Susan was a one style pony. I’m not sure I’d use style for the others you mentioned for singing. And your ears might not be able to take the high notes, but that’s your challenge. Hollie hit them like a tuning fork, and that is talent.

      As for crying, we all handle our ups and downs differently. Trick is can you bounce back. Not crying doesn’t make one any better. In fact, I’d say having that breadth of emotion will get you further in life. You manage them better and you have more intensity when you need to call upon it. Failure is not about falling down, or crying when you fall, it’s about not getting back up… and Hollie got back up in style! 🙂

  4. That still doesn’t make her the bravest does it? Ok, honest, she does reach the high notes but still I’ve seen much better. What I don’t like is that she got to the finals only because she was “brave”. It’s Britain’s got talent, not Britain’s got guts. The judges even said they voted for because of her braveness. Her voice was probably the most pure but too delicate she can’t control it well enough. It’ll be better when she’s older. I think Connie is great-her britains got talent preformances weren’t the best but when you listen to her other songs, man that girl can sing! Help find Madeleine McCann! Well, that was sort of off topic but still!

    • If it were Britain’s got talent, I don’t think Diversity should have won it. Britain doesn’t seem to have seen a lot of high quality dancing if they voted them in as I see dance talent from so many countries which are better. As for Hollie, I think she can control her voice quite well. It is delicate, but that’s the beauty in its purity. None of this harshness some of the other people and kids try to sing and try to sound like they have character when it’s just a lack of a pure singing voice. I’ve heard Connie’s other recordings. She does sound great. And if I could help find Madeleine McCann, you sure as heck bet I would! Poor girl! I keep my hopes and prayers out for her still.

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