Aidan Davis Has Great Moves, But Does He Have Enough to Win Britain’s Got Talent 2009?

Britain’s Got Talent 2009 turned out another great talent Saturday in Aidan “Hip Hop” Davis, from Audition 6.

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The kid is good!Aidan’s cascade of “nudging” moves is really cool! I will agree with the judges that he’s better than last year’s winner, another dancer named George Sampson.

However, that hardly puts him in as a favourite for me. First, there was no competition of the calibre like Hollie Steel or Susan Boyle last year. The bar is not the same as last year for overall talent, even if the bar has been raised for dancing talent. Second, while singers can easily reinvent themselves to sing songs of different feel and genres to wow an audience again, dancers showcasing the same moves to a different song get labeled as the same old stuff. Whether that’s fair or not is not of interest to me, nor should it be to Aidan. It’s a fact of life he’ll have to live with. Third, and far less important than the other two points as it’s just my personal opinion, I don’t think the dancing is as rare a talent as the type of voices found either in Hollie Steel or Susan Boyle, with my preference still on Hollie.

So while Aidan is going to give some variety to Britain’s Got Talent, I think he’s going to need some serious array of new moves, a couple of weeks over, to show to even give either Susan or Hollie a run for their money. I won’t put it beyond him, but I won’t put money on him to win, either. Still, he’s great to watch. I love the kid and I’ll give him that, but only that.

Other strong showings like Jamie Pugh, Natalie Okri and Shaheen Jafargholi are farther back, in my opinion. Jamie was discovered lying about never having performed in public before as he had performed in London’s West End theatres before. Seems he’s a washed up singer/actor who could still act to move audiences, but has other issues.


Shaheen has got a very good voice, but again, not in the same calibre as Susan or Hollie, in my opinion. Maybe if Shaheen did a similar exercise to choose a song that demonstrates his singing strength while holding some surprise from the genre, like I suggested for Susan and Hollie, he might surprise. But I’m thinking Hollie and Susan are doing the same thing in deciding their next number so no advantage gained there.


Finally, Natalie Okri had a very good showing in Audition 6 on Saturday, I thought. However, that’s a song she’s been singing a lot to drive her Mother crazy sometimes. Is she singing anything else that often to give her the practice she needs to do a polished number? Getting in now, she’s got a lot less time to prepare than either Susan or Hollie… not that I thought her voice was anything to compare with Susan’s or Hollie’s to start with. Difference between very good and phenomenal, you know what I mean?


Any opinion to the contrary? Please do share!

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21 thoughts on “Aidan Davis Has Great Moves, But Does He Have Enough to Win Britain’s Got Talent 2009?

  1. Heyyy Aiden
    SINCE THE DAYY U WERE ON BGT .. btw we all 11
    P.S.. av u gt a girl-frend???
    Love u nd hope u winn ! ! !
    xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx

    • Um, smile. šŸ™‚

      This is not Aiden’s site and I wouldn’t have a clue where to send your letter to in order that it might get to him. All I’ll say is this, though, is that if he didn’t have a girlfriend, I’ll be he’s got LOTS of choices now, that dashing young lad with so many smooth moves! šŸ™‚

  2. OMG GEORGE IS SO AMAZING! I like aidan but i just think that he isn’t as good as george! šŸ˜€

  3. No i thought Aidans performance was atleast equal to Georges , but i feel sorry for george now with all the neggitive comments ive read on the net i think nows hes got a bit older and not got that boyish cutness appeal to young girls (and some boys probably aswell lol) and aiden is only 12 and looks it too . i think George and Aidan’s dance on both finals arent as good as their semi final ones and for Aidan there was a good reason he had very little time to get his act together unlike all the other dance acts on the night .. both Diversity and Flawless had atleast 5 days to get their act together I hope they brig him back on next year like they did this year with previous year finalists it would be great to see how he has improved. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your comment, Mike. I haven’t seen articles on George Sampson, but it’s not like I’ve gone to look for it. It’s such a shame people do that to children, though, to take things out on them. I mean, what were those people like in their childhood, adolescents and so on, and would they not be in some institution if the same were done to them. People should learn to give constructive criticism rather than this outright hate stuff.

      I agree with you both Aidan and George had their semi-finals dances better than their finals and auditions, but I sympathize more with the dancers to try and get variety. I know why they put a better version in the semis to get through, but I still think they could still prepare for two versions and do another one in the finals. There’s usually a long break between the original auditions and semis to learn two routines, but that’s still generally harder than two songs to learn for the singers and instrumentalists. I think Aidan could do well with another chance, although that surprise factor that wins people over, so key to some of these acts’ success, will be gone. But if George could do it, then why not Aidan?

  4. aidan i love the way you dance i wish i could dance like that i think you are better then george sampson my frined amy said that she is going to see you with her nan i love you

    i love you and i want you from sam

  5. I think Aiden is good but George is better. I wanted Susan Boyle to win though and I think Shaheen is better than Hollie. Hollie’s good but not the best. I also like Natalie but I don’t think she’s amazing and I thought all of the others were better than her.

    • Ah, Madeleine. I think I see your favoured style. You like singers with an edge that many who try and fail often end up screaming. To me, that’s the easier thing to do than to have the pure singing voice, even though singing edgy well without screaming is very hard. It might seem harder because you see so many “failures” who have moderate success because of some other factors like their style, maybe because they look attractive, or have a good song that someone could actually do better with given a better voice. The easiest cases of the last to spot are second rate covers to the original, whereas with new songs, people don’t often think about someone else doing it in the same style in a better voice right away… if at all. But I sometimes do! For those reason, I am no fan of Zara, Shaheen nor Natalie, though they’re not bad in their performances.

      As for Aiden and George, I think it’s a question of style, but I can’t be more “logical” to explain specifics. I like the Aiden’s moves more because it’s more like some of the break dancing I’ve seen and liked over the years. That’s as much as I can say. I’m nowhere nearly as critical of dancing as I am of singing because of the degree of interest I have in the two.

      Thanks again for your thoughts! Love them!

  6. I didn’t realise you would be the same person as the other post. Anyway I found something in common finally between us-we both enjoy the singing acts more than the dancing ones. Just curious if our different opinions go the same for movies. I know it’s random but do you like Harry Potter? I do!

  7. aidan u r so hot u r the best i ever scene and i i’m not playing
    i can dance but not as good as u i luv u joni

  8. i love Aidan he is so hot!! saw him at Kempton prk!!was amazing!:)

    I hope he don’t hav a girlfriend

    does anyone know when hes next touring??

  9. aiden is awsome i love his pop dancing im learning for you im only 8 but i love aiden please email me xxx i know your like older than me but please email me it would mean so much Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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