Easy One Click Social Bookmarking for WordPress.com with AddtoAny Share Button!

Add to Any LogoKUDOS to the good people at Add to Any, the maker of the Share/Save Button to enable social bookmarking, who have created an amazing and easy one-click way for WordPress.com users to add social bookmarking to their posts!

Basically, the shake and bake of it is this. You drag an icon to your Browser Toolbar, drop it to make a button, write up your post as you would normally, click that button and voilà.


AddtoAny Share This Button

AddtoAny Share This Button, for illustrative purposes only here (real Share button at end)

The Share/Save button appears at the end of your post! See the link above to the Add to Any Blog for the real deal!

It’s social bookmarking in as easy a solution as one can get, webware style or usage of the browser in a capacity of software application. I dare even say it’s easier than many of us probably imagined because this webware stuff is still a new concept to most people.

I’ve already tested it and I can tell you it works great! WOW!

This is a game changer or killer app for WordPress.com! Just think about having all those tens of millions of blogs and each of their posts social bookmark enabled for sharing! I hope AddtoAny’s servers are ready to handle all the new traffic!

I mean, compare one-click to the cumbersome 11 step process where you have to look at and transfer code, even if not write or modify any, which I had posted on March 2nd to do the same thing. OI! I feel so, so… GEEKY!

Mind you, it was worthwhile for me because many people have put the social bookmarking I enabled on my blog to use in the six weeks since to get me tons of traffic… not to mention getting a response from Pat, founder of AddtoAny.com. 🙂

But if you’re not convinced the one-click to enable social bookmarking is worth your while, have a read here as to why.

Just a slight commentary on the button in the toolbar installation, though. I had to put the AddtoAny for WordPress button in my Bookmarks bar in Firefox. I don’t know if that counts as a Toolbar but I couldn’t get it to go in the Toolbar where the Home and other buttons reside. The button was wide to label itself so I had to edit it to minimize its space, and there is as yet an icon to it like the nice one for the AddtoAny site if you had that as a bookmark.

But it’s early. I’m sure they’ll get to that icon soon. For now, I’m clicking on that button I had installed so easily, social bookmark enabling this post, publishing it and standing up to clap and start a standing ovation for the folks at AddtoAny (and Automattic, who own WordPress and might have cooperated to make this possible).

Ba-da-BING! Ba-da-BOOM!! BOO-yah!!!


p.s. I have gone back to the old post and posted an N/A notice. Thanks, everyone at AddtoAny for the great work, as well as the acknowledgment! 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.6

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