John Francis’ Walk


John Francis, Environmentalist

John Francis, Environmentalist

I’ve seen about 100 videos from now. Most of them have been great or better, but every now and  then, something stunning comes along that makes the rest seem average, even, dare I say. No offense intended to the many great speakers at TED, but you know, something always resonates more with each one of us.

In my case, it was John Francis‘ talk. If you want to know what my idea is of a true storyteller, right now, I’d point you to John’s talk below and ask you to listen. What’s even better, the story he tells is that of an incredible journey he took in his life where he walked around for 17 years without saying a word deliberately, got a Bachelor in Environmental Studies, Masters (MA) in Environmental Science and PhD in Land Resources and saved the environment in many ways but most notably, with respect to spilled oil. The stories and lessons he tells are truly genuine, human and inspiring… coming full circle, full of aha moments and completely interwoven. Very spiritually empowering, too!

But why am I wasting your time? Please, have a listen by clicking on the video below. Then, if you like it, share it with a friend, two or those on your Facebook or something (social bookmarking icon bar at the top). Let’s give this YouTube video a LOT more than just 25,000 views it only currently has. This needs to go viral rather than a lot of that trash going around that’s like flu and AIDS viruses.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.9

One thought on “John Francis’ Walk

  1. Great story! This is definitely a video worth watching. It would make a good movie. Thanks for sharing.

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