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WordPress has since made social bookmarking a setting on your blog. However, services like Add to Any still has a purpose in that you have access to a LOT more services than the default WordPress provides, and that you can put it anywhere in your post and not just at the very end, where people might forget about it for one reason or another (like galleries). That said, WordPress does cover most of the major sharing services relevant to North America, at least.
Add to Any has upgraded this procedure to an easy one-click move using your browser to let you do this! BRAVO!!!

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to very easily share, store, organize, search and manage bookmarks of web pages via icons that do those tasks within a click or two. As you’ve surfed the web, you have probably come across icons similar to one of these below:


Popular social bookmarking icons

Popular social bookmarking icons


The problem I have encountered with many of these free services are that they don’t work in the free on which I and millions of other users, literally, are blogging. The reason why has to do with Javascript codes those services tend to use that do not work in I’ll leave it at that because if you know the technical details of that, you aren’t likely needing to read this post.

Fortunately, the AddToAny service for social bookmarking has an option that doesn’t use Javascript. They provide those Share/Save buttons in blue above. I’m sure there are other similar services out there which offer codes not involving JavaScript, but I found this one to work very well, and best in this process. You can customize it as you like after you try it out and adjust it for your routines, learning style, etc. It’s not an automatic point and click, unfortunately, but it is routine wants you get the hang of it and might be worth it to you if you want to make it easier for others to share your posts.

You have to do this for every post, though, and not just put it in the sidebar in a Text widget.

If you know of an easier option, or have feedback on the instructions, please do share!

But until we find something easier, let’s get it on!

Before you do anything in this routine, click on this link, AddToAny, and bookmark it. You will need it each time you do this so it will be a valuable bookmark.


1. Publish your post without the social bookmarking icon (window #1).

  • In the few minutes it’ll take you to do this in a more efficient way than including the codes before publishing, you’re not likely to find someone desperately wanting to social bookmark your post… no offense intended. πŸ™‚


2. View your post (not blog) in a different tab or window (#2).

  • Ctrl+click on your blog title while still in your Edit Post mode.
  • Click on the title of the latest post so its URL is in your address bar, not just your blog URL.


3.Β  Open another tab or window and click on your AddToAny bookmark (#3).

  • Play around with the Button choices (second choice in the graphic below), if you prefer the buttons to look one way or another but that’s your business. I’m leaving the default to save extra steps.


AddToAny blank web page

AddToAny blank web page



4. From Window #2 with your blog post, copy and paste the title and URL, one at a time, into the Page name and Page url fields, respectively, above.

  • You will be much more efficient at this if you learn to use Ctrl+C for Copy and Ctrl+V for Paste.
  • If you have mapped your domain, using your original domain is “better”. I won’t write out how but you can test it if you like. Your mapped domain still works, so it’s not necessary. It’s a slight extra annoyance, but becomes routine quickly, and is definitely worth the extra little typing hassle to me!


5. Click More Options beside the Get Button Code button, and click the No script (no drop-down menu) option.


AddToAny with No Script (No drop-down menu) option checked off

AddToAny web page with No script (No drop-down menu) option checked off



6. Click the Get Button Code button to reveal codes below it.


AddToAny web page with codes generated (at bottom)

AddToAny web page with codes generated (at bottom)



7. Click in the box and copy the code.

  • All the text inside the box is highlighted the moment you click inside so all you have to do is copy it, either by the Edit menu command or Ctrl+C.


8. Go back to Window #1 where your post was made and click on the HTML editing tab (circled in red below).

  • This can be a scary experience for anybody who is allergic to computer code or has codephobia, but trust me, it’s completely safe! Edit Post screen interface, with HTML edit tab in red circle Edit Post screen interface, with HTML edit tab in red circle



9. Scroll down to the very bottom of the codes, click at the very end.

  • Hit Enter twice and Paste, or Ctrl+V.
  • Your codes should appear as you need them.


10. Click the blue Update Post button near upper right of your Edit Post page the way you would normally update or save a post.

  • Click back on the Visual tab of your editing procedure.
  • You should get something that looks like the icon below if you had not switched button style in Step 3.


11. Optional: view your post and test out the button by clicking on it and following through with choices.

  • I personally just test it on Facebook. You can follow through to make sure it works without actually taking the last step to post it so as not to drive all your Facebook friends crazy with your blog posts all the time.
  • You will have to find some social media platform that works for you to test, but if you don’t test it and it doesn’t work, someone using it will probably tell you about it. That’s what’s great about the blogosphere and Web 2.0. You just hope they do it nicely.


If you’re a little more comfortable with HTML codes, I have included what I have done to create my social bookmarking icon bar below. The graphic I created myself, and the URL for it is in the codes in red. However, you will have to figure out yourself how to efficiently put in codes like that because it’d be twice as long a post to explain! It’s not rocket science or anything. Just needs a little more patience. πŸ™‚


<a href=”;; target=”_blank”><img class=”alignnone” style=”border:0 none;” src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Share/Save/Bookmark” /></a>



40 thoughts on “How to Get Social Bookmarking for

  1. Hi Minh,

    Thank you so much for posting this! You certainly did your research, and it shows in one perfectly thorough post!

    We’ve always taken care in making sure that AddToAny degrades elegantly without JavaScript. One reason is to support end-users – the number of users with JavaScript disabled is almost negligible, but we still see about 5%. The other reason is for those in the boat you’re currently in and the cause of this post… platforms like!

    I’m a fan of Automattic, but needs better 3rd party support. In the meantime, I’ll be referring other to this post.

    Thanks again!

    Pat – Founder, Lead Developer

    • Thank you very much, Pat! I am most flattered this got the attention of the Founder of AddToAny and a thorough comment! It is much appreciated, as is the work done by and the people there led by yourself. I hope the post will prove useful to the many people on and I very much appreciate referrals you may have. Perhaps in the future, I will be able to write a much shorter post on how to use with where it becomes the standard for social bookmarking widgets on WP. Right now, it is a bit of a shortcoming, but the WP have done a fabulous job otherwise, I think, though I do not know of Automattic. I just went through the various major blogging platforms in January and ended up back here after over a year here. Thank you again for your work and comment. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, they seem a fabulous bunch, Pat. I only did my research at lunch the other day after the initial morning reply when I thought you were saying they were your preferred blogging platform. Btw, I hope you don’t mind I used my own icon. Your AddToAny signature comes up on the social bookmark selection screen so there’s no sense it’s my code or anything. I just know people who actually don’t know what those all encompassing social bookmarking buttons are, but know several of the services well, or just Facebook, so I took them into consideration to put a string of icons. It’s similar to the way you are consider to us 5% who don’t have JavaScript capabilities. I hope my post makes up for my small e-misdemeanour, though. Thanks again!

  2. So useful. It’s a pity it doesn’t run automatically. Even to choose the socialnetework from a list in another page is annoying…but it is…and at least it’s better then add every single buttons.

    Many Thx

    • Thank you. I don’t mind the extra screen because it allows for pretty much ALL the possible choices from which one may want to choose. There’d be no way you’d get that on a small screen so the big screen AddToAny uses is necessary. Users have also indicated they do not want tabs separating services and such, even on Javascript where it pops out. I know because I had tried ShareThis, left them but they still have my email and indicated they under a massive changeover. πŸ™‚

      That wide coverage of all the services to be listed is appreciated by me so I don’t have to find a complementary service to AddToAny to cover off social bookmarking services they might not have covered. That’s my opinion, anyway, but I appreciate and respect yours, too. Thank you.

    • Thank you. I am convinced is the best free blog host out there for all the real core and useful features, not just a little razzle dazzle feature here and there. I haven’t explored all the paid options, but really haven’t felt a need to despite being reasonably demanding for what I’ve wanted. I hope my post will enable WP to become even better.

  3. Thanks so much. You’re an excellent teacher. The steps were so easy to follow. Thanks to AddToAny as well.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write a compliment. I’m glad to hear it worked well for you and I wish you much success in additional readership with social bookmarking for your blog. The new way to do this as indicated at the beginning of the post is also quite slick, but you need to be using Firefox (don’t know about Explorer version to comment). And yes, the AddToAny folks did a fantastic job!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I KNEW there had to be a way to get this code into my blog (if I figured out how to add this feature to my Blogger blog, I figured the WordPress blog was supposed to be at least equally easy), but yours is the first site I’ve seen that finally explains HOW.

    • You are very very very welcome, Andin! I’m very happy I was able to help make it work for you! All the best with the benefits of social bookmarking and thanks for taking the time to comment. πŸ™‚

  5. Fantastic post. I enjoyed the thorough research.

    Not sure if this question has been asked so forgive me…

    I’ve tried “add to any” for my blog posts (and have since removed this) however, the problem that I run into is that most of my posts are quotes and are set (scheduled ahead of time) to post at midnight. When I enter the ‘add to any’ info in the post, it doesn’t work when the post goes live at midnight. I have to go back into the live post later that same morning, add the ‘add to any’ button and THEN it would work. It became too much of a hassle for me.

    However, if you are a blogger who posts immediately and doesn’t schedule them ahead of time, it will work.

    Any suggestions or tips for me? If so, much appreciated.

    • Thanks, Erik.

      I’m not sure if I have an answer for your dilemma, unfortunately. I thought I was able to make it work earlier this year, but can’t remember how. However, I gave up on the midnight posting because there was no advantage to it. If people read it in the morning at work, for example, they’re not likely there at night to see the new post if it’s posted at night. If they read it at home at night, they won’t get to it till the next evening. They regularly cycle the way you would, more or less.

      If you must post at midnight, pending how much traffic you think you would get between midnight and whenever you might be able to get the Add to Any button on, you may or may not lose a lot of sharing clicks. Don’t forget, once you get the button on, it’s also there with your post for “eternity” for people who come upon it later to use it. Hopefully, each of your posts has longer life than 24 hours till the next quote. They look reasonably timeless to me! πŸ™‚

      So sorry, but I’m not of much help, I’m afraid. Maybe you can help me in return to enlighten me what the advantage is of posting at midnight unless you do like 7 posts all at once per week?

    • Hi Benjamin, thanks for the reminder. I was going to post an update on that, and I just did. While WordPress has made things a lot easier, Add to Any still has value in that it allows people to share on a lot more services than those WordPress provides. That, plus you can put the button anywhere on your post, not just at the end where sometimes there is a clutter of stuff like tags, categories, etc. pending the template you use. However, WordPress has the major services for sharing, at least for North America, with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. It just depends on what you want, and that’s why I haven’t taken down this post. Thanks for the comment again.

  6. When you come across a site you like well enough to bookmark for future reference, that’s great. But there’s only one of you, and only so many hours in a day. Moreover, because you think the way you do, you’re going to search for, or come across, or take notice of, particular websites but not others

    • Thank you very much! I worked hard on it, but only because I’m HTML and CSS illiterate and had to do it by trial and error. The template is one that offers. I paid to customize it, mostly adjusting text colour schemes, widths of the layouts and typography. The WordPress theme means I couldn’t share the codes with you even if I wanted to because some of it is in WordPress. Now, if you had a blog and wanted to pay for the annual customization (about $15 I think), I’d be happy to email you the adjusted code based on the WordPress default settings. But otherwise, I can’t help you. Thanks again for the comp!

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