25 Things For Facebook You Can’t Steal My ID With

Just last week, I bemused the 25 Interesting Things About You meme currently raging on Facebook and how that was so convenient for stealing your identity. I had resisted and still have. However, since then, I’ve been tagged a bunch of times and I thought to myself, I’m a man of answers. Is there someway I can do this so as not to be virtually-anti-social but not fall into the same trap? Well, of course I can. This isn’t rocket science, or even the more difficult to understand social science. This was just a little common sense, and I do have some.

So here goes my 25 things list, which I am blogging so as not to have to tag 25 people and lure them into doing something I considered risk conducive. Yes, I know blogging leaves me vulnerable to the world outside the Facebook walled garden, but I’m going to put 25 life philosophies in which I whole-heartedly believe and live out. You can decide if they are interesting or not. I think they are, if only because I’m not sure many people would agree with me.

So why do I think sharing my life philosophies to be safe considering it is the absolute core of me? As far as I’m concerned, philosophy doesn’t beget one much materially. Ask any philosophy student the direct usefulness of his/her philosophy degree. It either begets you spirituality or insanity, and so far, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had more of the former. Besides, if you live with a good portion of these philosophies, you would never want or need to steal anybody’s ID. You’d be happy with yourself and your life the way it is and the way it is currently changing.

  1. The best thing you can give someone, including yourself, is a chance.
  2. Failure is not about falling down… it’s about not getting back up.
  3. Common sense is anything but common.
  4. Humans are horrible at predicting the future.
  5. Humans more often than not don’t truly know what they want except choice.
  6. Humans are ultimately predictable because we are creatures of habit.
  7. Everything is relative.
  8. Balance is dynamic multi-dimensional equality.
  9. In balance lies happiness, but there is no balance in happiness.
  10. Balance means having both pieces of each set of opposites.
  11. If you have a chip on your shoulder, make sure you also have one on the other shoulder.
  12. One should be self-contradictory to attain balance, but only like an opposable thumb to four fingers.
  13. To fully truly appreciate something, one must have experienced its opposite.
  14. Analogies are the best ways to appreciate something you can’t fully truly appreciate.
  15. There is an answer for everything, but not a perfect answer for anything.
  16. Complexity and simplicity are causes of each other.
  17. Experts only close doors (especially self-proclaimed ones who close one more).
  18. Practice kaizen: the art of constant self-improvement.
  19. Everything is a skill that can be learned, with talent only being a learning advantage.
  20. Don’t get back at people because karma always does a far better job.
  21. Everything that happens to me happens for a great reason, whether I know it then or not.
  22. Everything done will mean more later.  [ my six-word memoir ]
  23. Have as many reasons as you can each day to get up in the morning.
  24. The brain is incredibly adaptable to change, but the mind is naturally resistant to it.
  25. Universals are for things, while variety is for people.
  26. Erring is the best form of learning

(bonus 26th cause I’m a 26 kind of guy in being a multi-marathon runner).

Hmmm. I think I’ve got 25 blog posts on my hands to discuss each of these!

But hey, when does the 100 Interesting Things About You meme come out on Facebook? I’m sure I can add another 75!

What are some of your life philosophies?

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