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After having been put in his place by President Barack Obama and shutting up for a while, Donald Trump decided to make an ass of himself again today by taking to YouTube and calling disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner “a psycho”.

If you’re that interested in what the Donald has to say, you can look it up yourself because I’m not wasting my time to find it for a link or be willing to embed the video on my site.

But the Trumpster calling someone else a psycho??? C’MON MAN!!!

Seriously… oh, yeah. I forgot. You can’t take the Donster seriously.

Since cheating men have been in the news a lot lately, I figure I’d exercise my sense of humour a bit and created this Facebook tagging meme for anybody who’d like to tag their Facebook “friends” as cheaters. :-)

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Upon hearing news of Osama bin Laden’s demise, Donald Trump immediately put out a call for Osama’s Long Form Death Certificate!

The Donald cited he was trying to be fair, and show he was not be racist by asking for the same form of proof as Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate.

“Frankly, I don’t trust anything that happen to non-white people unless it’s properly documented,” quipped the Trumpster.

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