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In North American football, the extra point is a single point short kick after a 6 point touchdown to give the full 7 point value a touchdown can give a team. The full 7 points also makes the touchdown more valuable than two field goals, at 3 points each, in not only concept but also score. Otherwise, the extra point is also a second chance to cheer loudly for the touchdown just scored if it were your team to have done so.

Once upon a time, the extra point used to require an actual effort so it was not a sure thing by any means. However, these days, it has a success rate of over 99% according to New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It has become too easy for the players playing to execute it that it not only becomes boring, it’s also a waste of time. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King feels the same way about it, calling it “the biggest waste of time in sports”. Nothing in sports should be that automatic, basically. What kind of competition is there if the outcome was the same more than 99% of the time?

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Last November, I had the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Fashion District (LAFD). It was a great experience that was very different from what I experienced in New York’s Fashion District (NYFD) in Manhattan. I visited both in search of fabrics and notions, not pre-made clothes that I’m not sure would better fit me or my small budget. It is in these contexts that I want to share with you what I found. And I wonder how different my perspective is from Evelina Galli who lives in LA. Evelina?

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Facebook has filed to go public to sell shares in an Initial Public Offering (IPO, “stocks”), and all the world is abuzz about it. Imagine, stocks in the world’s biggest social networking site! But is it really a good investment?

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May 1st, is International Outdoor Intercourse Day according to some, like Jonathan Coulten.

Offensive lyrics content warning for the video below.

However, most sources I have found, like this Facebook group scheduled to be archived seem to indicate it’s on May 8th. That’s because May 8th is the 69th of March! ;-)

Honestly, can you blame them for the confusion so that they might celebrate it twice??? ;-)

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If you ever have to type the word public, may I recommend you remove pubic from your spell checker. If you don’t, your spell checker will never pick up some potentially very embarrassing typos such as these!

General pubic
A high ranking pervert in the military.

Go pubic
Not the business move the company was looking to make.

Pubic access
More access than you were planning to give.

Pubic act
I believe there are better terms.

In pubic
Not where you were intending it to happen.

Pubic address system
Where you can hear broadcasts of the Vagina Monologues.

Pubic Broadcasting Service (PBS)
The open source free amateur porn channel, supported by viewers like you.

Pubic administration
Keeping your private business in order.

Pubic affairs
Definitely not something you’d want to be disclosing!

Pubic announcement
For most people, talking out of one hole is plenty! ~ groin ~

Pubic announcer
Cunts and dick heads that talk.

Pubic proclamation
A very formal pubic announcement.

Pubic archives
A massive old porn collection.

Pubic beating
Getting badly hurt in the groin area in any number of ways.

Pubic body
What connects the penis or clit head to the rest of your body.

Pubic company
What your genitalia calls a friend, or “non-sexual relations”, or a porn firm that trades on the stock markets.

Pubic consumption
Oral sex, whether you eat meat or pussy.

Pubic convenience
In what way? Vaseline?

Pubic debate
Also known as the Vagina Dialogues, or vaginal discourse.

Pubic display
Exhibitionism or decorations down under.

Pubic documents
Porn magazines.

Pubic embarrassment
Small testicles.

Pubic endowment
What those sexual spam emails are promising.

Pubic eye
A metaphor for the hole in the pubic area.

Pubic funds
What those sexual spam emails are seeking.

Pubic figure
Politically correct term for a cunt, dick head or politician!

Pubic gardens
That must be some growth and fetish! Who’s the whore-ticulturalist?

Pubic good
What LOTS of people would love to do!

Pubic health
The state of things down under.

Pubic holiday
Hey, now there’s a concept to solve Western World declining population!

Pubic humiliation
Hard core BDSM of the worst kind!

Pubic institution
I hear you can find one on Peter North or Jenna Jameson, but I’ve never been there.

Pubic library
A porn collection smaller than a pubic archive.

Pubic misconception
When genitalia doesn’t look like what you thought it would.

Pubic offering
Thrusting the pelvis forward, especially without any lower garments.

Pubic office
A bathroom or toilet.

Pubic official
A gynecologist or urologist?

Pubic opinion
You’d have to be stooping pretty low to be gathering this level of input.

Pubic park
That must be one major growth!

Pubic place
Where genitals meet.

Pubic policy
Something government should definitely stay out of!

Pubic relations
What Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky given they did not have sexual relations.

Pubic safety
Barrier contraceptives, like condoms and garters, not the pill.

Pubic scandal
The most shameful and damning kind of scandal.

Pubic servant
The ultimate submissive.

Pubic service
Can cover a wide range of activities so try to be more specific.

Pubic school
Where sex education should be taught.

Pubic sector
The porn market, or a rarely used synonym for the private sector.

Pubic sex
Probably not the kind of sex you’re trying to convey.

Pubic space
The area covered by underwear.

Pubic speaking
The art of talking elegantly for dick heads and cunts.

Pubic spirit
Being horny in a socially acceptable way.

Pubic stunt
Dangerous things done to the sensitive areas down there, like genital piercings and tattoos, maybe even Brazilian waxing.

Pubic transit
That would be air mail.

Pubic transportation
The best ride of your life!

Pubic utility
A sex toy.

Pubic venue
Build it and they will come.

Pubic view
The view you get during oral sex.

Pubic wealth
Bling around your thing.

Reading pubic
The anti-sexual type.

Those lacking and without sufficient pubic funds.


Seriously, I highly recommend you spell check any document you type, especially those that might be seen by others, i.e. pubic documents.

Got any to add?


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