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On Facebook, you get notices of your Facebook friends’ birthdays. Most people just write “happy birthday”. A few add the person’s name to the comment. The occasional one will add an additional sentence or two. For the most part, it is pretty superficial, seeming to be an automatic and generic action.

One way you can suddenly stand out in a lot of ways, without a lot of work, is just think of a song you’d like to send that person. View full article »

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When something you don’t like comes along frequently on your Facebook feed, like some annoying meme, there is no way to filter it out at the moment. It’s a feature the Facebook Newsfeed sorely lacks, which’s presence could be highly valued by its users.

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ELVIS Short Tennis Shorts

Up till recently, I had been making tennis shorts long like beach shorts. That’s partly because of the deep pocket required to hold a tennis ball in my pocket at times when I play, and because it’s more the current style. However, seeing all the ladies at my tennis club in their uber short tennis skirts, showing off their legs, I got jealous and decided to make my tennis shorts shorter. I had nice legs, too!

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RETROPOP Long Tennis Shorts

pop art fabric What do you do with a strip of fabulous fabric not big enough to make anything from? You frame it! That’s what you do!

I had this stunning strip of fabric (folded under) with pop art on it that I’ve been waiting for the right inspiration to come along to use. Finally, I found it in the form of some long black tennis shorts that has a full side reserved for it, only needing one side seam on the side in which I carry balls during games. Tennis shorts are made with two pockets so the buyer can use either. However, if you’ve ever played tennis, you’d know you only need one pocket on the side of your weak hand since the racquet is constantly in your other hand. Given these are my own designer tennis shorts, I made them with only the one pocket to leave the other side a full panel so I could show art like this without interrupting the image with a seam.

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This is the first year I’ve committed to tennis during our fair weather months. With an interest in photography, I definitely wanted to try some tennis action photography. The photos below are from my first try, with various levels of success as I was figuring out just about everything like shutter speed, angles, exposures, aperture, timing and such that I would need to take photos without motion blur. Thanks to Jill and Joe in the photos, who were gracious enough let me sit on the sidelines and photograph them during one of their hitting sessions. I would definitely need a more powerful lens to be doing this from further away so as not to be as much of a distraction, whether with the camera clicks or just being a figure beyond the doubles alley. Great learning experience, though, and I will definitely be back for more, possibly with a more powerful lens.

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