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May the Fourth, or Star Wars Day (from the pun May the Fourth be with you), just passed as I write this. But what if you missed it, didn’t celebrate it, or didn’t have enough fun?

Well, I’ve got the perfect second chance day for that!

Welcome to May the Sixth, punning on that most evil of Star Wars organizations, the Sith!

If you missed May the Fourth, shame on you! You deserve a Sith coming your way!

If you didn’t celebrate May the Fourth, really shame on you! You deserve a Sith Lord and then some!

And if you didn’t have enough fun, here’s your chance to have some more fun! I got some little graphics below for you to start and share.

Enjoy and May the Sixth be with you! ;)

The CBC just predicted the NDP will be the next government in Alberta a few minutes ago, barely 45 minutes after the polls closed! The CBC called the majority at 69 minutes after the polls closed. I called it at 45 minutes seeing how the NDP led well in over 50 seats when only 44 was needed for a majority. The NDP is projected to have 54 seats.

The Wild Rose Party has been called by the CBC to be the official opposition at 84 minutes after polls closed.

The polls suggested a majority NDP government but considering they failed badly last time, people still had doubts on the polls this time. The ruling PC and Jim Prentice did have 70 of 87 seats just in April, after all, and the NDP just 4! It’s hard to believe anybody could turn things around so stunningly, but congratulations to Rachel Notley! Amazing campaign!

Well, doubt no more. Now, let’s see how conservative Alberta, and Conservative Alberta for 44 years now, will change!

The Liberals might not exist in Alberta, either, after this election! They have 1 seat.

What might be more surprising is that the PCs probably won’t have much of a party left. Jim Prentice, their leader, stepped down before the votes are even all counted despite being elected. He didn’t listen to his supporters, once again. And you wonder why the guy’s party got the crap beaten out of them if their leader does this repeatedly. Most of the rest of the PCs might either walk away or cross the floor cause they didn’t sign up to be third fiddle any more than Jim Prentice did. The occasional low ranker might aspire to lead a party in shambles, which people had wanted out for some time but didn’t have a decent alternative. But let’s wait and see.

Maybe more Nova Scotians to Alberta as a consequence

Here in Nova Scotia, we lament about all our people going to Alberta for work. Most of that is either related to oil, or spin off from workers and products of the oil industry. With the new NDP elected, never having been in power, or close, really, they might be looking to hire NDP supporters with government experience who are out of work.

Well, guess what? We got lots in Nova Scotia. :)

But honestly, I hope Rachel Notley will know better than to hire people who failed miserably at their jobs to help her succeed.

I just saw a story starting to trend at this time of writing that is going to cause some chaos in many people’s lives. Hacker Samy Kamkar claims to have found a way to find the combination for any Masterlock lock in 8 tries or fewer, as seen in the video below, and it seems legit and doable for many people from review articles already popping up!

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Recently, I realized that with my Facebook app, I could send 60 second voice messages to others rather than having to type out things. That’s quite convenient, actually, and I am learning to use it more. However, I also thought of another use for it, and that’s for birthday greetings!

I have started singing Happy Birthday to my friends (and family, which I’ll include in “friend”) using this feature to send to them for their birthdays, instead of simply writing Happy Birthday on their walls, maybe with a few other words.

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I’m Vietnamese born and I live in Canada. Somehow the ruling Progressive Conservatives knew that and my email, sending me a statement today from Minister Jason Kenney on the Journey to Freedom Day Act that just got Royal Assent (passed) on Friday, April 24th, 2015. It commemorates the many Vietnamese “boat” people refugees Canada has welcomed since the end of the Viet Nam War.

The statement, attached below, says “thousands” of Vietnamese boat people but they could have added “tens of”. Canada welcomed a LOT of us! Thank you, Canada! We hope we have contributed more than what you expected of us to allow us to be a part of your great country!

Oh, by the way, while it may be popular to spell Vietnam as one word in English, we use the same alphabets and wording system as English, and the country name is two words in Vietnamese. :)

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