This page contains all my posts from 2009 where the writing was the main focus, as opposed to graphics like wallpapers, Facebook tagging memes or iPhone/iPad backgrounds.

Archives of my posts from other years can be found here.

December 2009

November 2009

Video and Lyrics of Taylor Swift’s Monologue Song on SNL

October 2009

How to Record Videos Off YouTube with Replay Media Catcher and Some Reposting Strategies

Take a Digital Photo, Thank Nobel Prize Winner Willard Boyle of Nova Scotia

Watch Canadian PM Stephen Harper Sing “With a Little Help from My Friends” with Yo-Yo Ma

September 2009

Hear Sarah McLachlan’s Comeback Song – One Dream!

Help with Snickers’ New GET SOME NUTS Ad Campaign featuring Kanye West

Six Life Philosophies from an Obituary Writer

Kanye — adj. as classless as possible, humanly or otherwise; n. such an act.

Juan Martín del Potro Shocks the World Beating Roger Federer in 5 Sets for the US Open Title 2009

Video of Roger Federer Making “The Shot” at US Open Semi-final 2009 vs Djokovic

If You’re Canadian, Please – Watch This Video!

August 2009

Musical Performance Philosophy from the James Conlon “Encore” Series

The Van Cliburn Piano Competition Over the Years

Video of Usain Bolt Running 19.19s World Record 200m at IAAF in Berlin

Dave Carroll Launches Second United Breaks Guitar Video

Video and Analysis of Usain Bolt’s 9.58s World Record Breaking 100m in Berlin

Testing SoundCloud for with My Own Music

Create Your Unique Personalized Wall Paper Screen Saver From Wallpapers (for PC)

A Policy Idea for Retesting of Drivers Young and Old

Making Trails and Other Great Quotes

Take Dr Helen Fisher’s Why Him/Why Her Personality Test for Love

July 2009

Things to Think About in Using WordPress’ User Ratings Feature

The Prejudices and Privacy Perils of Facebook Quizzes

Nova Scotia Marathon and Half-marathon Results 2009 (in Barrington)

How to Get Rid of Your Facebook Past

Who I Think Killed Michael Jackson, What About You?

Ideas Are Like Rabbits and Other Great Quotes

Watch Us Weekly’s New Video of Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching on Fire During 1984 Pepsi Video Commercial Shoot

Schedule and Links for Tunes at Noon 2009 in Halifax, with Christina Martin Opening Review

The Left Out Track of Sophie B. Hawkins Singing “I Want You” at Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert

How to Make Love in a Canoe

Watch Out for Chinese English Mania!

June 2009

I’m Billy Mays! And I’m Here to Tell You About My Death!

The Happiest Colleague Award

Songs to Learn to Sing for Your Kids

The Tragedy of Having Your Death Trumped, Farrah Fawcett by Michael Jackson

Monster Moves Music II, on iTunes in July!

Add Some “hip” to Your Language with the 2009 Cramer-Krasselt “Cultural Dictionary”

Don’t Worry about People Stealing Your Ideas and Other Great Quotes

HOME, the Latest and Greatest Yann Arthus-Bertrand Masterpiece… Yet

Los Angeles Lakers Win 15th NBA Title, Phil Jackson Record 10th, and Red Auerbach Was a Sore Loser!

Pittsburgh Penguins Break and Make History Winning Stanley Cup

I Need 2 Go 2 NY CT 2 C Avenue Q

Do Runners Divorce More? (Part 4 – Calls to Action)

Do Runners Divorce More? (Part 3 – Things to Think About)

Do Runners Divorce More? (Part 2 – The “Research”)

Do Runners Divorce More? (Part 1 – Do your own experiment)

50% Divorce Rate is a Myth, It’s More Like 33% or One Third

May 2009

Diversity Dance Troupe Wins Britain’s Got Talent 2009, But Hollie Steel Still Dazzled

Hollie Shows Nerves of Steel on Top of Singing Talent in Britain’s Got Talent Semi-final 5!

Someone Should Write a Wolverine Musical

I Called It! Susan Boyle Sang Memory to Get Through Semi-Final 1 of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

Ten Things Cosmopolitan Would NEVER Have Been Able to Tell You About Orgasms

Doris Day Sings “A Wonderful Guy” with the Original Lyrics

Aidan Davis Has Great Moves, But Does He Have Enough to Win Britain’s Got Talent 2009?

What Should Hollie Steel and Susan Boyle Sing Next on Britain’s Got Talent?

A Few Inspirational Running Videos

Interesting Facts and Insightful Sayings for a Happy Mother’s Day

Monster Moves Music

May You Live in Interesting Times on This McMartyr, I Mean, McHappy Day

The Closest Thing to Crazy I’ve Done is NOT to Have Heard of Katie Melua

April 2009

Aren’t You Glad Joe Biden is Vice-president and not Secretary of State Given his Gaffes?

Ten Tips To Better Tweeting

It’s Over Susan Boyle, Hollie Steel’s Got Your Number

Should Government Get into Twitter and What Should It Tweet, If So?

What Does America’s Got Talent Have to Compete With Connie Talbot, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle?

Quantifying Fame

Serendipitous Discovery of Leah West’s Music

A Happy Earth Day Song for You!

I Pledge to Reduce my Possessions by 3X my Weight for Earth Day. You?

Merga and Kosgei Win Boston Marathon 2009, But Nova Scotia Proud of Denise Robson and Rami Bardeesy

Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent 2009 as Your Literal Wake-up Call

Why Many People Don’t Believe in the Power of Social Media

The NOT so Big Deal with Twitter and Why It Won’t Last Much Past 2010

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type of Your Blog or Site Name

Embrace the Improv Mantra for a Better World

Defend Stable Marriage, not Hetero Marriage

Easy One Click Social Bookmarking for with AddtoAny Share Button!

The World in Six Songs Challenge (Part 7 of 7 in series)

What’s Your Song of Love? (Part 6 of 7 of the World in Six Songs)

A Lesson in Cooperation and Compassion from Bacterial Studies

Free North Carolina Tar Heels Pity Coupons for Duke Fans and Other Non-believers

President Barack Obama Picked Good March Madness Brackets and Winner in North Carolina Tar Heels

Canadian Navy Leaks Zero Emissions Eco-Submarine

Combining Robotics and Religion to Justify Our Wars

What’s Your Song of Religion? (Part 5 of 7 on the World in Six Songs)

Why is it Cool to be Brown Only For a While at a Time?

Cultivate Meadows Instead of Lawns, Which’s Mowing Produces 5% of America’s Greenhouse Gases

A Dong Supermarket, Porn Starlet Tiffany Mynx and Adding Twitter to the Male Genitalia Lexicon

March 2009

You Have to Change the Way That People See Themselves Before You Can Change Their Behaviour

If There Were No Afterlife (Heaven/Hell), Would You Lead Life Differently?

President Barack Obama’s NCAA March Madness Brackets Hanging onto Hope with just North Carolina Remaining

Halifax, Dartmouth and Nova Scotia Pathetic in Earth Hour… Watt Hour???

Earth Hour Loses Effectiveness with More Efficient Lights, But Here’s What to Do to Help

What’s Your Song of Knowledge? (Part 4 of 7 on the World in Six Songs)

Shining Eyes and Never Say Anything That Couldn’t Stand as the Last Thing You Ever Say

John Francis’ Walk

Discovering Nellie McKay from of All Places

Compare Your NCAA March Madness Brackets to President Barack Obama’s After 2 Rounds

Video of President Barack Obama Picking UNC Tar Heels for March Madness (and me, too)

What’s Your Song of Comfort? (Part 3 of 7 on The World in Six Songs)

What’s Your Song of Joy? (Part 2 of 7 on The World in Six Songs)

What’s Your Song of Friendship? (Part 1 of 7 on the World in Six Songs)

Accept More. Demand Less. Give Most.

Life is the Answer, so What are your Questions?

Why You Should Social Bookmark Enable Your Posts

How to Get Social Bookmarking for

Cultural English as a Second/Foreign Language and Public Speaking Exercises

February 2009

Tabloid Style Photos of Brad Pitt Filming Benjamin Button

Grant Bollinger, Make Nice to Patch Your Internet Profile

Women at George Mason University Lost to Gay for Homecoming Queen

Chimp Cartoon is Racist from Ignorance, the Root of Racism

Alfie Baby Scam and Media Blackout Summary and Value Assessment

Why Settling is a Great Marriage Strategy

Writing Diaries and Poetry Help Regulate Emotions

The State and Buzz of the Internet Today, Literally!

What Does Your Online Footprint Say About You?

25 Things For Facebook You Can’t Steal My ID With

An Étude in

Is Ahmadinejad Ready for Hillary Clinton?, My Inspirational and Educational Addiction

25 Things You Gave on Facebook to Help Get Your ID Stolen

Get an iPhone to Judge Coldplay versus Satriani Plagiarism

Una Guía de Netiqueta Práctica para Facebook

GSP a Nice Canadian Even While Pounding Penn at UFC 94

January 2009

End is Coming for Environmentally UNfriendly CFL Bulbs

Why Government Should Leave Digital Music Copyright Alone

Naming the Octuplets

Obonics: Barack Obama Slang

Obama’s Election Predicts Steelers Super Bowl Win?

How to Make Sense of Human Beings

Barbershopping and Hairstyling in the Future

What is Your Blogging Grade Reading Level?

Six Word Biographies

Don’t Buy Enviro-Friendly Cell Phone Unless Needed!

Free Excel Running Log

How Long Can You Expect to Live?

What Are Your New Month’s Resolutions?