Need ideas for a cosplay, or variations on a cosplay to make it more interesting, or what to use for it, or just like looking at cosplay photos? Try this!

I would like to introduce you to my ever growing cosplay dedicated Pinterest account that is highly organized into several hundred of boards for various characters and franchises (films, games, series, novels, etc.). I hope this ever growing account, currently at over 4,000 pins, will be of value as a resource to cosplayers, geeks, nerds and even a few fashionistas everywhere! I’ll talk more about the fashionista value in the near future, but for now, the purposes of the library are:

  • To show users a variety of characters, many of which they may have never heard of.
  • To show users variations in specific cosplays, whether in style and/or materials used, so everybody doesn’t get stuck making cosplays that look mostly alike.
  • To let users enjoy viewing cosplays and photography done by others.
  • To do all the above in an organized manner because organization is what separates this account from most other cosplay accounts, including some bigger ones.

The current organization structure, which Pinterest is terrible at, goes something like the list below, by genre since I find people associate with genres of geekdom. This list is roughly the groupings of boards as you look left to right on each line and downward on the list of boards. Alphabetical order is found within the bullets for the groupings below.

  • Anime, manga and light novel series
  • Comic book characters
  • Games (board, role-playing, video) in franchises, with some sub-groupings of popular characters
  • Films, non-animated by films (everything from Star Wars to Alice in Wonderland)
  • Animated series, films or popular characters (from cartoons to movies to animations that are not anime)
  • TV series, non-animated by series (like Monster High and Sucker Punch)
  • Toys (a few toy exclusive toy franchises like Ken and Barbie)
  • Kid cosplays (great if you have kids, or just love adorable kid cosplays)
  • Mash-ups and mods by kind  (armoured, Rule 63 reverse gender, anime and steampunk modifications of cosplays)
  • Steampunk related (I need to better organize this section)
  • Miscellaneous for non-geek cosplays (composers) and other geeky things
  • Figures and statues (beautiful art but also accurate in details)
  • Geek inspired fashion, some useful tips
  • Unidentified cosplay board if you want a challenge while helping someone!

I created this library as a useful by-product of my personal efforts to expand and improve my knowledge of geekdom. On Pinterest, following the right people got me exposed to all kinds of cosplays. Some were adequate labeled, which helped me learn. However, in repinning to an organized manner, I gave what I saw meaning in my own frame of reference. It was like being shown thousands of flash cards and having to organize them, including avoiding duplication! That’s not easy after thousands of pics, or tens of thousands that I’m at now!

Finding avid cosplay pinners on Pinterest was no problem. Finding ones that cared to label pins rather than just gawk over sexy girls in tight and revealing clothing was a little harder, but I found some good ones to follow. I identified as many of those cosplays as I could, and organized them as best as I could, but you should know that organization is in a fluidic state. Boards will get created, combined and separated, as I come across more pins. The organization exercise, while time consuming, was great as a learning technique for me to help me remember all the cosplays I got exposed to. I feel my memory is better than it was just several months ago from doing this exercise daily.

Many boards remain to be filled beyond a handful of pins, and they will get filled. I’m cresting at the point where each day, I have time to go fill a board beyond repinning what I see from those I follow, and finding some leads of my own. However, I am also recruiting some people to fill boards of their liking. I’m sticking to people I know for now, though, to keep it simple and manageable. I eventually hope to have at least 50 pins per board, and over 300 boards by the end of 2013. If you do the math, you’ll see 4,000+ pins is not even 30% of my target! That’s why I hope you’ll not only have a look, but tell others about it, come back to see more, and maybe even follow it if you have a Pinterest account!

Thank you for reading and enjoy!