There are Occupy Protests all over the world. They have some things in common. They are unique in other instances. However, what they will all have in common is that they will all fail, with more being removed, or moving, by the week.

Why? There are many reasons. All it will take is one, whichever one comes first.

The population will turn on them

How pretentious are the Occupy protesters to claim they represent 99% of the population? They’ll find out soon enough as people get fed up with them getting in their way. Occupy protests tend to be on public spaces for everybody’s use. The key word is everybody. By occupying the spaces, the protesters have essentially made it their own. If they don’t know what that means, they should go talk to the Israelis and Palestinians to find out what happens when people occupy lands others deem not to be theirs.

Protesters have already been moved in Brisbane (ABC News). In Halifax, the protesters decided to move for ceremonies for Dignity Day commemorating the tragedy of Kristallnacht, and Remembrance Day commemorating members of the armed forces  (CBC News), knowing there’d have been hell to pay to the public otherwise. In Vancouver, city elections officials are mostly campaigning to remove the protesters, believing they’d get the majority of support they’d need to win siding with kicking them out. That may be a “belief” in some people’s eyes, but in Calgary, the protesters are about to be moved after getting just 300 signatures to support allowing them to remain, versus 1200 on a counter petition by a blogger to kick them out (CTV News). So much for 99% they claim to represent, eh?

By the way, don’t expect the police to protect them. The police is part of “the man” they’re protesting against. Good luck surviving!

They’ll die off before their demands can be met

The changes those disillusioned protesters are demanding are so many, so ridiculous and so radical they won’t happen in their life times, if ever. They’ll die off before it happens. It’s not that they have their purpose clearly identified by any means. Most camps don’t have a list of what they want stated, just some vague concepts they blame for their state of existence instead of looking at themselves as the main reason. The first step to fixing your life problems is overcoming denial, and they don’t get that. Isn’t it symbolically appropriate, though, their lack of purpose to protest is as lacking as their purpose in life?

Where a camp have a list of demands for their protests, like in Vancouver where a list of 60 (yes, 60) items were listed, it was formed by a tiny minority even in their camp… and everybody else in their camp jumped in to criticize it (CTV). They don’t even have solidarity!

They’ll die off from their own living conditions

The Occupy protesters haven’t exactly taken the greatest care of their living spaces, nor the spaces they occupy. One just died of a suspected drug overdose in Vancouver (CBC News). While the cause of death still has to be confirmed at time of this writing, there definitely have been drug problems at that camp. At least the Halifax camp was smart enough to be drug and alcohol free, at least in principle.

In London, the area around St Paul’s Cathedral has been closed off for some time because of health and safety issues (the Guardian). Getting between people and their place to worship God isn’t a good thing, either, by the way. Again, ask the Israelis and Palestinians.

Other camps have lots of health and safety issues as well. While the protesters are protesting against government and such, they seem to expect government to step in to help them. Isn’t that just hypocritically “convenient”? They’re getting some help in some places, because the system they’re protesting against isn’t as judgmental, especially in places like Canada where they’re benefiting from features like universal health care without contributing their fair share to the “evil” system. However, the system will only take so much, and it seems the protests are dying, physically and metaphorically.

So what will happen to the Occupy Protests?

At some point, they’ll die off easily enough. We’ll just have to see whether they just die off, or try to save face by moving on and saying they’re satisfied with seeing hopes for changes they wanted starting to happen. They’ll have to make up another cause in life to live for, if they don’t die over the disappointment that the people were really not with them. And over some beers one day, hopefully not one too many, they’ll commiserate and have a good laugh at how their time there was “time well wasted”.

And they’ll sing to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down…

Occupy is going down,
Going down,
Going down!
Occupy is going down,
Bye, bye,