Most people do not hear most of the songs they know for the first time in the year the song was released. If anyone did, I would feel very sorry for them for missing out on all the great songs of the past from before they were born, or even great songs each year they lived they would have missed.

What most people don’t do is reflect each year on the best songs they heard for the first time that year. I’ve blogged some of mine, but not all so this is my entire collection for 2010 which could fit on a CD if I made one.

After several years of discovering a ton of jazz and older music, then tunes from musicals, so that they made up most of the songs in my list for recent years , I am back with an eclectic set that reflects my true musical tastes and philanderings across genres. I even have not only one song from the current year, but two! A song from the year of the list was something I didn’t have for several years. I did find newly released songs I liked a lot in those years, but they didn’t compare to a variety of jazz and musicals standards I discovered in those years.

But before I share my list, let me ask you the same question as I answered to write this post. What were the best songs you heard for the first time in 2010?

I’d love to know so please do leave a comment. I can add the links to videos so people can hear what you’re talking about, if you would like. But if you don’t want to do it here, maybe write a blog post like this if you have a blog, or a Facebook note or something like that on a social media platform account you have. It might just be one of the more thoughtful notes to your friends all year.

Here is my list, in no particular order of preference, with videos streaming the songs. You will need to click on the YouTube link for some videos with some weird copyright condition that only allow them to be viewed on YouTube. I hate that’s become a wussie and lost all its edge.

Happy New Year!
The Only Exception


The first candidate from 2010

The Curse

Josh Ritter

Best real music video among the songs on this list, and second candidate from 2010

I still have a lot of great old jazz music to go through, like this song

All That Meat and No Potatoes

Written by Fats Waller, performed by Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton

Because I Got High


From classic jazz to downright ghetto, with a fan video that is the best video on this list, in my opinion. X-rated lyrics for sexuality, PG for drugs and other content.

I’m Gonna Whip Somebody’s Ass!

Mash-up by Ze Frank

And speaking of fan contributions, how’s about the mash-up below? This was a random song a preacher improvised on his daughter’s answering machine when he returned her call to seek advice for her bad day. The opening line sung was the actual voice message.

In These Shoes

Kirsty MacColl

Another attitude song, but this one for the ladies.

Show Them to Me

Rodney Carrington

How’s about hutspa instead of attitude? This one involves the ladies… and it’s even country that I don’t generally like! R-rated video for intentional nudity.

Find Yourself

Brad Paisley

And truly philosophical country??? What the heck is happening to me and my general dislike for country music???

The No-No Song

Jimmy Buffet, covered by Ringo Starr

Back to funny and narcotics.

Ah’m a Nigger Man!

Scatman Crothers

How’s about great and controversial music? One of the great examples of all time.

Time Passages

Al Stewart

A 70s classic

I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon

Ernie from Sesame Street

A children’s song from Sesame Street.

How Do Ya Like Me Now?

The Heavy

My new attitude song for 2010.

The Girl in 14G

Kristin Chenoweth

Musicals style humour with Wicked’s (and Glee’s) Kristin Chenoweth showing her wide range of acting and singing skills.

Blue Sky

Jason Collett

What would such a best songs collection be without a mellow out song?

And finally, a surprise for me to find not only a song about Viet Nam, but also one I loved. Best song about Viet Nam I’ve ever heard.
Hello Viet Nam
Pham Quynh Anh